Move To Heaven K-Drama Review – All You Need Is A Good Cry!

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Starring Lee Je Hoon, Tang Joon Sang, and Hong Seung Hee Move To Heaven K-Drama takes us on an emotional healing journey with only 10 episodes. The drama name is so intriguing and the fact that it had a fewer number of episodes drew me towards it. Well, don’t forget to grab your tissues before you start watching Move To Heaven K-Drama because it is going to make you cry in a good way!

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Han Geu Ru is a 20-year-old kid who has Asperger Syndrome. He works with his father as a Trauma Cleaner for Move To Heaven. Their job is to arrange the items left behind after someone passes away. They are basically a cleaning service that handles things left by deceased people. What’s special about Move To Heaven is Han Geu Ru’s father Han Jung Woo deals with respect when it comes to the things they are clearing away.

Move To Heaven K-Drama

From the trailer itself, we get to know that Han Jung Woo passes away suddenly leaving Han Geu Ru under the care of his half-brother. Han Geu Ru’s Uncle is the complete opposite of Han Jung Woo and it is a huge adjustment for Han Geu Ru to live with his uncle. We see in this drama how he is coping with his father’s death and trying to survive under the care of his Uncle. Thankfully he has Yoon Na Mu his friend who takes care of him and makes sure he is alright.


Han Geu Ru
Han Geu Ru is a very smart kid. He loves to spend his time in the aquarium a lot. Whenever he is panicking, he automatically recites facts about fishes which calms him down. He is a special kid with great logical abilities. When he takes over Move To Heaven after his father passes away we see him doing a good job with the responsibilities. What makes this character special is his tenacity to do things right away and to see them till the end. His actions are pure. And you will just adore him with how each episode you get to see more and more layers of him. Tang Joon Sang has done a really good job with playing this character in such a true manner.

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Cho Sang Gu
Cho Sang Gu is Han Geu Ru’s Uncle. He unexpectedly becomes Han Geu Ru’s guardian after Han Jung Woo passes away. Cho Sang Gu is rough around the edges. He seems to have a grudge against his brother. He also had a tough past. At first, we see him making things harder for Han Geu Ru. But he is not a bad character. He is one of those people who appear tough from the outside but is really soft on the inside. As the episodes progress, Cho Sang Gu fits right in with Han Geu Ru. It feels really nice to see his character grow from what we see of him in the beginning.

Move To Heaven

Yoon Na Mu
Yoon Na Mu lives across the street from Han Geu Ru’s house. She is a friend to him and takes care of him whenever things get tough. She comes off as a fierce protector and I love that Han Geu Ru has her in his corner. Yoon Na Mu is wary of Cho Sang Gu and makes sure to keep an eye on him. So that she can keep Han Geu Ru safe. The interactions between her character and Cho Sang Gu give comic relief in this drama. It is endearing how she takes on the protector role when it comes to Han Geu Ru.

Move To Heaven K-Drama

Family Relationship

The bond between Han Geu Ru and his father Han Jung Woo is so special. From the first episode itself, you can feel the love Han Jung Woo has for his son. Even though it makes us sad with how he passes away, the connection they have is felt throughout the drama. We see how at every point Han Geu Ru recalls his father’s words and proceeds further in things according to them. As you watch the drama and find out more about their family, it will warm your heart. It’s incredibly loving and gives you a good feeling.

Move To Heaven Netflix


Honestly props to Yoon Na Mu for being able to be such a good friend to Han Geu Ru. We see how even though it’s tough for her to maintain the friendship as her mother berates her for it. She fights for it. You feel very grateful to see that she cares about him so much and checks upon him to make sure he is alright. Han Geu Ru does not show his affection but after losing his father Yoon Na Mu’s presence is comforting to him.

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What did I like about this drama?

I love that in each episode when the characters go to work as Trauma Cleaners, we are introduced to a new story. Death always makes you emotional about the stories we uncover of people in the episodes. But this drama presents the stories in a way where the emotions, feelings that come across are so beautiful and real. Yes, you cry but you are not crying because you are sad. You are crying because you see the beauty of relationships, human connections, and just how special life really is.

Every story we get to know just touches your heart and I loved this aspect of the Drama. It’s not easy to uncover the stories left behind by a dead person but Han Geu Ru does a really good job of it and it is so interesting to see how he follows the clues and figures out intimate details of someone’s life with the things he comes across when he is cleaning.

I also like that even though this drama deals with a lot of death it is not heavy on your heart. It makes you appreciate life and be grateful for it.

My favorite part is the bond between Han Geu Ru and Cho Sang Gu. The organic way it gets developed is so nice. At first, you see how at odds they are with each other. But gradually Han Geu Ru accepts Cho Sang Gu as family and cares about him. Cho Sang Gu also feels touched and by the end of this drama he really is grateful for meeting Han Geu Ru. I love how they both wormed into each other’s hearts. Their relationship dynamic is something that I adore in this drama.

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Cho Sang Gu’s past is a bit shady. He is in contact with this lady who handles illegal fighting and money gambling. This aspect of the story for me was a bit hard to connect with. I liked the anthology version of the drama presenting us stories about the people who passed away each episode. That was interesting to watch but when it came to this part of the drama where we divulged into Cho Sang Gu’s past in relation to the illegal fighting, it felt a bit lacking.

It would be nice to know if that arc of the story is a setup for Season 2 as things happen in a way where the business with the lady is not completely finished. So I hope they come up with season 2 then that would make things more interesting.


Han Geu Ru has this very comforting playlist of classical music he listens to when he starts working on clearing away the things left by the deceased person. It’s touching and soothing to listen to as we see things related to the life the deceased person led.


Move To Heaven K-Drama is a special drama. I recommend you to watch it because like I said sometimes all you need is a good cry. This drama will also make you laugh so fear not. It gives you a viewpoint on what happens after someone’s death. It reminds you to appreciate life, people when you are still breathing because who knows what is going to happen after you die right? Go hug your loved ones and good luck with watching this drama!

Move To Heaven K-Drama

Move To Heaven K-Drama is available on Netflix
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