Private Lives K-Drama Review

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Private Lives K-Drama takes us on a wild journey of con artists trying to uncover a mystery behind the actions of a powerful organization. Starring Go Kyung Pyo and Seohyun with other note-worthy actors like Kim Hyo Jin, Kim Young Min, and Tae Won Seok (Of whom I have become a fan of after watching them here).

Private Lives K-Drama (16 Episodes)
Interesting, Funny at times, Mystery, Romance
This K Drama has all the bits for you to devour in one sitting.

Note: In this drama, every situation that the con artists fabricate to sell their story with help of acting their roles is called a documentary.

The trailer only gives you a slight glimpse into what the story is about but as you go further into the drama, it gets more mysterious and more intense. You would be getting so much more than what you expected at first. The intro is so much fun, it was the music that pulled me in the first time, it is such a vibe.

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After this kick-ass intro, the drama starts with a monologue about how privacy is an illusion, and we all are fools who actively give up our data over the internet which makes it easy for people like the main characters of this Drama to exploit it. Even though this sets such an ominous tone, the soundtrack of the show does well to dissolve the intensity and make it less scary during serious times.

Private Live Kdrama Main Cast

What Happens in the Drama?

Cha Joo Eun (Seohyun) belongs to a family of Con artists. When her father gets locked up unfairly for someone else’s documentary and her mother leaves her astray, wanting justice for her father she learns how to con so she can catch the real culprit behind the documentary.

While working for Han Son a fellow con artist, Cha Joon Eun meets with Lee Jung Hwan (Go Kyung Pyo) and this fateful meeting kickstarts a series of crazy events. We see them both falling in love and deciding to get married without being truthful to each other about their real identities. And that is the catch as they both end up in situations far bigger than they could think of without fully grasping the gravity.

Their relationship was sweet, and the chemistry was good, but it does get confusing at times when it comes to their love story because it goes back and forth showing us the past and present. Sitting through this confusion is worth it because we have another couple who gets entangled in their story.

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Sophia Chung (Kim Hyo Jin) is the con artist who was the reason for Cha Joo Eun’s father ending in jail and Edward played by Kim Young Min was her partner in all this. These two characters genuinely surprised me. Do we see them as the bad people they are? Are they evil enough to be the sole antagonist of this show? Well, that is what you need to find out by watching the drama.

Let me tell you, the ones who are shown as bad are not bad enough when compared to the face behind the mystery of the organization these people end up fighting against. So yes, it gets exciting with these four peoples’ lives getting intertwined due to special circumstances and giving as a thrilling story to watch.

Special Mention to Han Son played by Tae Won Seok who had such a fun character. Looking at him you would see this huge muscle guy with great fighting instincts but then there would be times he would go soft, and I found that so adorable. Along with him, the other supporting characters in the show add to the story by giving us comic relief between the intense craziness that takes place in the drama.


I would say Private Lives K-Drama is a Binge Watch material because there is so much happening among the characters and in the storyline, so many shocking heavy revelations coming out that you cannot give yourself time to take a step back. The actors did an exceptionally good job of carrying out the story and making us connect with the characters. So, for the best experience, you must watch it in one go!

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You can watch Private Lives K-Drama on Netflix
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