True Beauty K-Drama – Cliché but worth watching for the laughs

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True Beauty K-Drama also known as Yeosin-gangnim (16 episodes) handles the stigma behind ‘Imperfect skin’ packed with a healthy dose of humour! It is based on the Line Webtoon of the same name by Yaongyi.

Starring ‘The Heartthrob’ Cha Eun Woo, ‘The Talented’ Moon Ga Young, and ‘The Hidden Gem’ Hwang In Yeop, this drama comes off strong with a very good casting and promising storyline

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What is it about ?

Lim Joo Gyung is a high school student who ends up being a victim of bullying because of her appearance One day she manages to discover the art of Make Up and learns how to apply it and thus becoming the prettiest girl in the school. She is almost liked a different person with makeup. So, when the secret of her bare face gets threatened by a fellow handsome classmate Lee Su Ho, she makes sure to do whatever it is to protect it.


The chemistry between all characters is great.

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Lim Joo Gyung and Lee Su Ho have a special sort of connection which makes their pairing sweet. I love when there is a childhood meeting attached to the past of the characters. The fact that they meet as adults without remembering any of it and then the feelings develop between them. It is almost like they are fated, and I like the sound of that. Lim Joo Gyung’s character is very innocent, bubbly, and chaotic in contrast to Lee Su Ho who is standoffish, rude with a serious personality. This kind of pairing never goes wrong because when you see the rude, cold personality guy going all sweet and soft for his girl that will melt your heart. Ah, the feelings are real trust me.

True Beauty K-Drama Relationship

As adorable as this couple is, the star of this show is Han Seo Jun. I almost wanted to write his name in capital letters because Ah, he brings out that feeling in me. You see like I said the formula of warm-hearted girl and col personality guy never goes wrong, but we have all seen so much of it, so it is obvious to find it lacking at one point. But this show covered it up with Mr. Han Seo Jun. He is my favourite character. He was such a crack head and so passionate in everything he did. We can feel the character’s impact throughout the show. He adds up the spice factor needed for the drama saving it from being an uninteresting plot.

Ah, I know there is a lot of discussion on whether you are Team Seo jun or Team Su Ho but for me, it was not a love triangle. It was a story where Lee Su Ho and Lim Joo Gyung ended up falling in love with each other and somewhere along the way Seo Jun developed feelings for her. It was genuinely sad to see a charming characyer like Han Seo Jun to be feeling the pain of One-sided love. But I enjoyed his and Lim Joo Gyung’s moments as friends. It almost feels like they share the same brain cells and them on screen made me always crack up. Their friendship was fun and adoring.

Special call out to Lim Joo Gyung’ s older sister Lim Hee Gyung and her love life 😛 Their story was so adorable! This couple has all my heart. To find out more about this endearing couple, you got to watch the drama. Trust me, they are too cute, and you would not want to miss them.

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What did I like about the True Beauty K-Drama?

I like that Lim Joo Gyung eventually gets the courage to accept herself the way she is and not be ashamed of herself. Yes, it takes a lot of time but when she reaches the point there is no holding back. She accepts that true beauty is not something the way others perceive her when she has makeup on, but it reflects how she feels anout herself. Also, the fact that Lee Su Ho did not fall in love with bare face Lim Joo Gyung or Makeup face Lim Joo Gyung, he fell in love with her, period. True Beauty K-Drama does not show that Lee Su Ho loved her despite the way she looked. No, there is no despite factor which made me feel good.

It gets real. True Beauty K-Drama gets sad when we see how people treat her and look down on her because of her appearance. Even with these moments making you emotional, the best thing about this drama is that it gives you a healthy dose of laughter. The characters are so hilarious, they do a great job in making us laugh. There are so many absurdly funny scenes and you would be just cracking up while watching the drama.

Also, look out for the bromance between Lee Su Ho and Han Seo Jun 😛 Have to say that was interesting in an amusing way.


True Beauty K-Drama was honestly perfect till right before it reached the end. Because the whole show was so hilarious in whole. But we suddenly get pulled into this relationship drama when we reach the second last episode and that felt unnecessary. I remember watching the drama and thinking ‘Oh this is fun there is no crazy dramatics here’. But Ah, could not avoid it in the end. Thankfully, in the last episode there is a wedding scene happening 😛 This whole part redeems the dramatics and brings back the fun flavour of the show.

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The soundtrack is beautiful. It has emotional songs which brings out the emotions during sad parts and it also has fun ones which make your heart get all excited when they play during a scene.

True Beauty K-Drama Music

Surprisingly thing we get to learn from the drama is Hwang In Yeop can sing and what a beautiful voice he has, he has some parts in the drama where we get to listen to him sing and that touched my heart.

It starts today by Hwang In Yeop is one of my favorites from this drama

Another one is Starlight by Chani(SF9) is an emotional song that will tug at your heartstrings when you listen to it watching the drama

And there’s a fun one called Call me maybe by Saya which I enjoyed listening to whenever it played.

You can watch True Beauty K-Drama on Viki
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