Beyond Evil K-Drama Review – The Most Gripping Drama of all Time!

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Beyond Evil K-Drama Stars Shin Ha Kyun, Yeo Jin Goo, this drama takes us on a thrilling ride of discovering secrets in a small town called Manyang where people go missing and everyone looks suspicious. The acting delivery of this drama is phenomenal. Be it the main cast or the supporting characters, each character has been performed so well that it keeps you intrigued in this drama. Once you start watching Beyond Evil k-drama, you can’t stop.

I have seen people saying they don’t know what to do once they completed watching Beyond Evil k-drama and I completely agree. The execution of the story has been served so well that it just grips you and makes you attached to the characters in a way that you will still be thinking about them after you watch the ending.


We have two men Lee Dong Sik and Han Joo Won who are at odds with each other. There is a serial killer out loose, both of them have the same goal of catching the killer but the way they follow up to do it is different. We see when things start to unravel and secrets come out of the people around, everything gets complicated. No one can be trusted and not everything is how it seems.

I recommend you not to read up any spoilers before watching this drama. It’s one of the dramas where you need to experience the things as you see, discover the truth right alongside the characters. Trust me, it is going to be a compelling ride from start to end.

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Lee Dong Sik
Lee Dong Sik is a police officer at Manyang Police Substation. He lost his twin sister when he was young and the blame is put on him. As an adult we see him doing questionable things that make you wonder whether he was responsible for his sister’s disappearance or there is something more to it. I love his character because it has so many layers. You don’t get to know the real him anytime soon in this drama. His true self hides behind this shell of a maniac person who acts crazy and can go beyond limits to get his way.

Beyond Evil K-Drama Lee Dong Sik
Lee Dong Sik

“If you need to get the monster then you need to become one.”

Shin Ha Kyun did a remarkable job with this character. He won the Best Actor Award at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards for playing Lee Dong Sik. There is a lot of charm to this character. Even when you are suspicious of him you can’t help but like him because his actions are so unpredictable. The way he handles things in the drama is admirable. I completely enjoyed his character so much.

Han Joo Won
Han Joo Won gets transferred to work at the Manyang Police Substation. He is on a quest to find out the serial killer and his suspicions are on Lee Dong Sik. This makes him a frustrating character to the viewers. He is adamant about his beliefs and his actions lead to more trouble. His actions seem unreasonable and it’s really hard to see him doing things that complicate everything more. Han Joo Won was like a dog with a bone and he was relentless about getting what he wants.

Beyond Evil K-Drama Han Joo Woon
Han Joo Won

As a viewer, we knew about things in the drama his character was unaware of so seeing his mindless actions at times irks you. But Beyond Evil k-drama needed someone like him to balance out Lee Dong Sik’s character. The character development Han Joo Won goes through as he discovers things makes you finally like him. I love that the core of his character always remained the same throughout the drama which is to do the right thing and find out the truth. This constancy in his character made me appreciate him more.

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Park Jeong Je
Park Jeong Je works at Manyang Police Station. He is best friends with Lee Dong Sik. He was an interesting character that caught my eye right from the start. Park Jeong Je always protected Lee Dong Sik. He values his friendship so much. Even though it felt like he was showing his honest side, you could sense the character hiding something. As the drama progresses we learn more about him. I liked how Choi Dae Hoon played this character. There are times when you are suspicious of him but then his actions make you feel complicated about how you are thinking of certain situations.

Beyond Evil K-Drama Park Jeong Je
Park Jeong Je

Oh Ji Hwa
Oh, Ji Hwa works at Manyang Police Station. She is also friends with Lee Dong Sik and Park Jeong Je. I liked her a lot. She was one of the characters who had no skeletons in their closet. It was hard for her to do the work as a detective when people closest to her had so many secrets, to begin with. But I liked her tenacity and as things unravel she handles them in a pretty decent way.

Beyond Evil K-Drama Oh Ji Hwa
Oh Ji Hwa

Yoo Jae Yi
Yoo Jae Yi’s character was substantial. She runs a butcher shop in Manyang and a restaurant. It was a place where all characters would come and hang out and discuss things that are going wrong in the town. I liked how she was strong in her beliefs. While we see Han Joo won suspecting Lee Dong Sik, she believes him to be innocent. Her judgment never wavers and her sense of loyalty remains intact.

Beyond-Evil-K-Drama Yoo Jae Yi
Yoo Jae Yi

Nam Sang Bae
Nam Sang Bae is the Chief of Manyang Police Substation. He is an intriguing character who always keeps you on your toes. You can never fully understand what you could expect from him as you watch Beyond Evil k-drama. Every time you think you know this character, his story plays out in a way that your feelings change. You will feel confused about what to expect from this character so that is pretty interesting.

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Beyond-Evil-K-Drama Nam Sang Bae
Nam Sang Bae

Manyang’s People Bond

Honestly, there has to be something special in the water supply of Manyang because the loyalty flowing out through the people in that town is admirable. They support each other through thick and thin. Even when each character feels suspicious and you know they have something hidden, you can’t help but appreciate the bond they have. I liked the camaraderie among the people in the town and when things get crazy you get to see how they have each other’s back. When the secrets come out and things get complicated still in the end this bond the people in the town have is not lost. I liked it and appreciated it so much.

Best Chemistry

From the start itself, the tension between Lee Dong Sik and Han Joo Won draws you in. They are the complete opposite of each other. Their way of work is different. But there is this imminent connection that is present between them even when they dislike each other at first. It was so fun to watch. They feed off of each other’s emotions. When they were at odds with each other Lee Dong Sik does a really good job to make things go his way. With every action from Han Joo Won, the response Lee Dong Sik gives is so entertaining. The whole anticipation of them wanting to work together as a team keeps you excited while watching the drama. Let me tell you when they do start working together it is a treat to watch!

Beyond Evil K-Drama

What did I like about Beyond Evil K-Drama?

Lee Dong Sik’s smile is one of my top favorite things in this drama. Whenever he smiles, you know things are going to get crazy and you feel a sense of excitement coursing through your body. I love his crazy. He was not afraid of making big moves and he handles complicated situations in such a good way. Also how he takes care of others is something that comes later in the drama. My heart just breaks for this man. I love everything about this character. He is not without faults but you can’t help but feel for him when you see everything he goes through. His fun side is my favorite though. The way he just does things, it is enjoyable to watch him. I honestly cannot get enough of this character.

Beyond Evil K-Drama

This drama has a character called Lee Chang Jin, who is the CEO of JL constructions and also the ex-husband of Oh Ji Hwa. His character leaves an impression on you. He can speak Russian. Whenever he gets annoyed or is amused and passes a comment we see him switching to Russian. This was very entertaining and I liked that.

I love how on the surface it feels like a drama where you need to know who is the serial killer but very early on we find who is the killer and then the story takes a turn. It’s thrilling to watch how the rest of the story flows. Also when Lee Dong Sik and Han Joo Won end up working together. That gives off such awesome vibes and makes it more delightful to watch it.

Beyond Evil K-Drama

I love how the characters are written for this drama. No one is completely good or bad, it is all shades of grey. As you keep watching the drama you sort of make a connection with the characters and when the secrets come out it makes you go through complicated feelings. Your heart wants to support someone even when you know they did something wrong. And these emotions can only be brought out when the storyline is developed in a good manner. This drama did well in that aspect.

We also have another character called Kwan Hyuk who is a Munju city prosecutor. I liked how the character development of Kwan Hyuk happened. The ending that is given to this character came as a total surprise but trust me you will like it. It was good to see that his character was not left hanging behind in the drama when certain things happened.

I loved the ending of Beyond Evil k-drama, I was crying and smiling at the end because it made me so happy. After all the things these characters go through it was such a proper ending that makes you appreciate the story and also kind of makes you feel wistful when you think about the people in Manyang town. It was beautiful and gives you a homey feeling.


Even though I enjoyed every bit of this drama there were times when it felt like things are going slow. But even when you feel you are watching a random scene, later it will all make sense to you. The pacing of the story is not always fast but I appreciated the time taken to develop the characters and given them a chance to explore their emotions and make decisions.

I remember at one point when I was very close to the ending I felt like I knew everything there is to know and it made me feel dejected that I already figured out things about the huge reveal. But this drama does a good job at bringing the thrill back and making you realize that there is more to discover. Anytime it felt like I was losing interest the drama brought me right back in the next instant.


The soundtrack is really good and leaves an impact on you. The instrumentals used help in growing your feelings of excitement, nervousness as you watch the scenes play out. Your emotions are more heightened due to the music and it makes the watching experience more thrilling. I have two favorites-

One of them is Timeless by BIBI, it plays out when characters are trying to find out the truth, confront each other wanting to get to the bottom of things. The song has a mysterious vibe that goes well with this drama.

The other is The Road by Sunwoo Jung-a, this one is an emotional song. It touches your heart makes you feel the beauty of the emotions the characters are going through.

Beyond Evil (Original Television Soundtrack)


Beyond Evil K-Drama is undoubtedly the best drama. The characters, the storyline, the Ost everything is packaged so well that you will love it. The thrilling aspect of this drama is what made me watch it but the characters were the ones who made me stay. A K-Drama with a perfect ending should never be missed. Give this drama a chance and let it take you on an action-packed ride.

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