Mouse K-Drama Episode 16 – Ends on a Shocking Cliffhanger!

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Take a few deep breaths before watching Mouse k-drama episode 16 because it will make your head spin. Did you think knowing Officer Jung is the killer was the biggest shock? Well, this drama proves you wrong by bringing yet more bizarre discoveries to light. I was apprehensive about starting this episode. I expected it to go in a certain direction, with Officer Jung being apprehended for being a serial killer. However, kudos to the writer because a new plot has emerged, with everything being unpredictable.

Mouse K-Drama

In the past, we see Jae Hoon being suffocated by his mother. The scene then shifts to the present, where Detective Ko learns that Chi Kook has died. Mouse K-Drama has a habit of deceiving us. Despite Detective Ko’s suspicions about Officer Jung, it seems that he has not come to any terrible conclusions. For the time being, Officer Jung is safe. Officer Jung is shaken by seeing Chi Kook dead, and we see him become emotional. It’s a painful sight to see. As you’ve already seen the psychopath Officer Jung feigning the same emotions in the past to deceive others. However, these tears are now genuine due to the remorse he bears. Most likely his feelings are influenced by Sung Yo Han’s frontal lobe.

Mouse K-Drama Episode 16

Officer Jung realizes Chi Kook has been murdered and pursues the lead he discovers. It takes him to the same hotel where Detective Ko had gone to search for the supposed thief who hit him on the day Kang Duk Soo was killed. Officer Jung finds the guy and ends up chasing him to the terrace. We learn that there’s another player in the mix as he emerges from hiding just as Officer Jung pursues the man who killed Chi Kook.

This is where Mouse k-drama episode 16 gets interesting. When the guy gets caught he acknowledges that Chi Kook was indeed an innocent man and the only reason he got killed was because of Officer Jung. He also is aware of Officer Jung being a psychopath. Just when we think we are about to get more answers Officer Jung gets hit by the other man and the guy he caught gets away. While fighting off this other man, Officer Jung saves himself but the other man falls to his death. After making a phone call to make sure his partner’s body is taken care of, the person who kills Chi Kook drives away.

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Surprisingly when Officer Jung is busy chasing after the car, the dead body and all the evidence of the fight are taken care of. Also when Detective Ko calls Officer Jung there’s some disturbance found which doesn’t allow them to communicate right away. Maybe some sort of technology could have been used to disrupt the call. So that there is enough time left for the people to take care of the scene.

Nothing seems to be wrong when Detective Ko arrives at the hotel. It’s as if everything Officer Jung experienced never happened. This makes me believe that a team with a lot of power and backup resources must be in charge of doing all this. Can this be possible without having help from someone who works in the Government? Since we see the doctors who treated Chi Kook manipulate his mother into not allowing an autopsy, it’s a reasonable assumption. The people behind this have a higher reach and things are only working out according to them.

Officer Jung being depressed while he is around his victims’ families is not surprising, given what we saw in the special episodes last week. His remorse is breaking him down, but his desire to find out who killed Chi Kook keeps him alive. Officer Jung, by chance, sees a funeral picture of his alleged uncle at the funeral home. This perplexes him, and he sets out to learn more about it. He also recalls that the car used by the man who murdered Chi Kook to flee was the same car that struck him the night he was chasing Sung Yo Han after killing the grandmother. This surprising tidbit of information suggests that this secret team of people was involved even before Officer Jung’s brain surgery took place.


The Head Hunter’s wife makes an appearance as she reaches out to Choi Hong Joo for a babysitter position. The affection she has in her voice as she addresses the baby noting that the baby’s features look similar to his father’s makes you wonder why she has not revealed the truth. Her actions could be the result of this secret team we know nothing of or maybe they are personal.

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Detective Ko finds Detective Lee in a suspicious light. We all know how he did not give the letter by Kang Duk Soo’s mother to the captain in time. According to video evidence it looks like on the day of Kang Duk Soo’s murder, he showed the letter to the OZ tattoo guy who intercepted Detective Ko. As the puzzle pieces fall into place, Detective Ko begins to question if Sung Yo Han was a serial killer or not. I like how this idea has been slowly put out, and I believe that as Detective Ko gets closer to the truth, he will be forced to consider the unexpected.

Mouse K-Drama Episode 16

Officer Jung discovers that his Aunt did not have a husband while staying in the house. She and the child were the only ones living there. This makes him confused as in his memories he remembers the Uncle even before his brain surgery. He also goes back to the hotel. And checks for traces of blood to figure out the person who was killed. This leads him to the man he mistook for his uncle. This is yet another unexpected turn of events. Since this implies that his history was fabricated in ways even he is unaware of.

A woman who is the mother of the boxer who was the first victim of the Seven Sins Murders reaches out to Choi Hong Joo wanting to say something. When Bong Yi confronts her asking what exactly she has left to say where these murders are concerned, the answer shocks us. It seems the mother knows or suspects that Sung Yo Han was not the real killer. She believes this irrespective of all the evidence because of a certain interaction with Dr. Sung she likely had in the past. But sadly, we do not get to know what was it about as she doesn’t get the chance to do the interview.

The writer gives us this small information but does not let us see the whole picture. Maybe it is not the right time yet. Just when you are feeling frustrated about not knowing the story behind that information, the writer cleverly directs your attention to an important reveal. Something caught Detective Ko’s eyes when he looked at the boxer’s photo. This leads him to go to his house to see other photos of him. Maybe it’s the tattoo that seems missing from few of his photos. But what’s surprising is that there is a photo of Jae Hoon in the album at the boxer’s house.

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Officer Jung, on the other hand, has returned to his childhood neighborhood and is experiencing flashbacks of his younger self. The Aunt and the Uncle come into the picture right from when he was young. This brings us to this awful realization that since a very young age certain people had control over his life. A larger scheme is at work, one that dates back to his childhood. It is terrifying because it means some people knew about Officer Jung being the psychopath who committed the kills but they did nothing. They raised him in a false sense of security. The question that arises is Why?

Mouse K-Drama Episode 16

There were many surprising revelations in Mouse k-drama episode 16, but the most shocking was how it ended. We see that the woman who was trying to kill Jae Hoon most likely his mother was the one who was pregnant right along with the Head Hunter’s wife. Does this rule out the possibility that he is the Head Hunter’s son? I find that hard to believe as his mannerisms are similar to the Head Hunter.

We know that in the past, Head Hunter was eager to have a child to carry on his legacy. And we see in this episode that Officer Jung chose Bong Yi solely for the purpose of procreation. Is this a common trait of psychopaths, or is he just like his father? We also learn that the boxer who previously saved the Head Hunter’s wife from a murderer also saves Jae Hoon from his mother. With this crazy discovery, the episode ends on a cliffhanger.

Episode 16

I like how this drama continues to intrigue us even as it gets closer to the end. This episode makes me grateful that we were able to watch it after a week off. We had plenty of time to accept Officer Jung’s real personality. After which this episode shifts our attention away from that fact. Making us focus instead on the strings that have been attached to Officer Jung since his childhood. Hopefully, in the next episode, we’ll get some answers!

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