Mouse K-Drama Episode 18 – Thrilling From Start to End!

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Finally, We have Mouse K-Drama episode 18 that gives us the answers we have been looking for! The drama started with the focus on a serial psychopath killer. And the way now the plot has become so much more than that amazes me.

We see Sung Yo Han reading the diary where Officer Jung had written about the killings. The descriptions about how everything made him feel. He also reads about the parts where young Jae Hoon had written about Sung Yo Han as a kid. It’s tragic when we are reminded of Jae Hoon wanting to be like the kid who treated his wound. It could have been possible not to the full extent. But it makes you think Officer Jung would not have committed these atrocious crimes if not for this mysterious OZ organization.


When Officer Jung confronts Daniel, he tells him that the information about the boxer was sent to him on phone. That is how he got the chance to channel his rage and he admits that it triggered his killer instincts. Even after his brain surgery when his side was dormant, scenes were fabricated, measures were taken to trigger his memory. This led him to take the life of the predator he was chasing.

Everything was done to lead him to commit the crime, this once again awakened his killer instincts. The combination of Sung Yo Han’s brain and Daniel’s persuasion led him to further only kill the bad ones. But we all know how hard it was for Officer Jung to quell the killer side he was struggling with. Hearing all this, Daniel finally gives away the truth. He tells Officer Jung how he met Sung Yo Han and how he even tried to stop everything from happening.

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Before Officer Jung can get the name of the real culprit behind all this Choi Hong Joo saves Daniel. Daniel tells something to Choi Hong Joo which breaks her. I wonder what it could be and it makes me curious about how we will find about it. In the end, the OZ team captures Daniel. But what’s interesting is Choi Hong Joo says, ‘It will be D-Day soon‘. Looks like we have a great finish coming our way and it makes me excited.

In Mouse K-Drama episode 18 when Officer Jung goes to the police station, Detective Ko attacks him and calls him a psychopath. Suddenly we see Bong Yi amidst the fight and she ends up attacking Detective Ko to save Officer Jung. It hurts to see the unconditional love Bong Yi has for Officer Jung. It is proof of how perfectly Officer Jung was able to fool everyone around him. And kept his real personality hidden so well. It’s goosebumps-inducing. Among this confusion of them fighting Detective Lee takes the pen drive from Detective Ko’s pocket. Without proof, everything becomes a mess and everyone is detained. In the end, nobody buys Detective Ko’s accusations and the police let everyone go.


Officer Jung finds out that Detective Lee is from OZ and thus goes to search his house. He finds a photo of Chi Kook. This leads him to believe that Detective Lee is the one who killed him. Detective Ko ends up at the same place and sees Officer Jung. Officer Jung admits to killing Kang Duk Soo but spins it into a tale of protecting Bong Yi. He then denies killing the other predators. He gives half-truths which later when Detective Ko cross verifies they seem to check out. When Detective Ko gets to know that Bong Yi is aware of Officer Jung killing Kang Duk Soo, he goes to check up on her. Seeing them sitting beside each other and believing Officer Jung brings an awful feeling because you know the truth. The truth which will break them the most.


Bong Yi also mentions to Detective Ko that Sung Yo Han was the boy who saved her as a child. Even though Detective Ko does not want to believe it gets him thinking. On the other hand, we see the writer very cleverly put certain characters on each other’s paths leading us to another reveal. Choi Hong Joo’s mother ends up at the place where the head hunter’s wife is taking care of Choi Hong Joo’s baby. Suddenly the mother takes away the baby but later gets into an accident with the said baby. She manages to protect him but her life ends up critical. It’s beautifully tragic how she on some level felt some connection. This resulted in her saving the baby.

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Her husband the detective who caught the Head Hunter gets to know that the baby is of Sung Yo Han. He threatens to kill the baby unless the Head Hunter’s wife finds the location of his daughter’s body from the Head Hunter. God, what a tragic play. I am sure the Head Hunter is going to have fun with this scenario laid out in front of him. He knows Choi Hong Joo’s true identity. He most likely could be aware that Sung Yo Han is not his son. So it will be interesting how this will play out.

Another part of the past is revealed and it makes you feel sick about the OZ organization. Officer Jung finds out a receipt in the Seven Sins Murder Evidence box which makes him go to the place where the disabled woman is there. He gets to know that the boxer who killed his family made donations to the place and came to see this woman throughout the years. We see how guilty the boxer was for killing Jae Hoon’s family. He was made to believe that saving Jae Hoon will make the world free of monsters like the Head Hunter who had killed his sister.

It’s painful because an innocent man became a murderer and then most likely became bait to be killed by Officer Jung. He must have thought he was doing all this for the right cause. But was he? The right cause that believed in made him a killer, killed innocent people, triggered Jae Hoon’s dormant instincts enough to make him brutally kill others who ended up as his victims. All for what? What could be so right that you need to do so much wrong to achieve it?

Officer Jung realizes the disabled woman is his sister and gets to know how his younger brother died. He also finds out that Sung Yo Han did visit her and the sister relays everything Sung Yo Han said to her. We see that Sung Yo Han had his suspicions about Officer Jung when Chi Kook was brought to the hospital after the attack. He was curious if he was the boy from his childhood. We also finally get to know what happened at the Ferris wheel where Daniel met Sung Yo Han. It seems that Daniel was attacked by a man from OZ and Sung Yo Han saved him.

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The reason he had those pictures of dead bodies was that his friend was able to hack into the system of the organization where he found the pictures and two sets of files full of information. One was about Sung Yo Han and the other was about Jae Hoon. Everything falls into place from how the grandmother saw one of the pictures to Sung Yo Han chasing her to save her. This full picture leads to a bad taste in your mouth. We also see how he regrets wearing his friend’s jacket which led Officer Jung to kill him. Finally, it looks like after his friend was killed, he decides to take Officer Jung’s life. And this is why he had Officer Jung’s pictures on his wall.

Mouse K-Drama Episode 18

Looking deeper into the evidence box, Detective Ko finds out something from the Human Genetic Testing laboratory which makes him question his instincts about Sung Yo Han. When he gets to Sung Yo Han’s house and sees the basement he wonders why he had pictures of Officer Jung. Then we are taken into the past scene and we see that Daniel was kept in the basement while Sung Yo Han treated him. The blood found by Detective Ko when he finds the car Sung Yo Han ditches belongs to Daniel and thus this cleverly covers up all the scenes which made Sung Yo Han look guilty.

Mouse K-Drama

We see Sung Yo Han tells the disabled woman that they are the only ones left in the world. This confuses Officer Jung. But I believe it hints at the fact that he most likely knew about the babies being switched and he meant that out of his real family only two people are alive now. It’s sad, he did not deserve what happened to him. Everything is so twisted and it hurts that Sung Yo Han got a tragic death despite the beautiful pure human he was.

All the information is too much for Officer Jung to take, it takes a toll on him and we see him crying holding on to his mother’s photo. Even though he brutally killed people for which he can never be forgiven but the whole careful setup that led him to become a killer, in the end, makes you feel bad for him. If only things would have been different.

Mouse k-drama is powerful, since the episode that revealed Officer Jung as the killer of Seven Sins Murders I was terrifyingly waiting for the day when Detective Ko and Bong Yi would find the truth. And the delivery was so good, it was done in a perfectly chilling manner. Bong Yi tries to find out whether Sung Yo Han had a scar on his left arm or not. Detective Shin tells her there was not any scar and also there was nothing in her report that said she injured the Killer and gave him a scar. This perplexes Bong Yi and she goes to Officer Jung’s house as he was the only one she had told this believing that he would relay the information to others.

Parallelly, in Mouse K-Drama episode 18, we see Detective Ko is again at the Shower place in the prison where Chi Kook was stabbed. He keeps on thinking about how the body got into the box and Officer Jung’s statements keep crossing his mind. Bong Yi sees that Officer Jung is asleep and covers him up with a blanket. But something in her pushes her to check Officer Jung’s left hand. And when she sees the scar, it petrifies her. She slowly starts backing up. We see Detective Ko also at the same time concluding that Officer Jung was the one who attacked Chi Kook. This leaves him shocked. When Bong Yi tries to get away, Officer Jung catches her hand. The expression on his face is a serious cold faced mask which reminds you of Psycho Officer Jung.

Mouse K-Drama Episode 18Mouse K-Drama Episode 18

Mouse K-Drama Episode 18 was thrilling from start to end. We know Bong Yi lucked out with post-brain surgery Officer Jung so she will not be harmed. But it will be heart-wrenching to see how Bong Yi and Detective Ko process this harsh truth in the next Mouse K-Drama episode 19.

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