Mouse K-Drama Episode 19 – Get Ready To Have Your Minds Blown!

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Mouse K-Drama Episode 19 was simply mind-blowing! I am super stoked about the way this episode went. It made me feel so glad that I picked up this drama to watch. The plot twists are crazy and the direction of the story is always so unexpecting and thrilling.

We finally get the confirmation that yes the babies were indeed swapped. And sadly it looks like it was something the mothers decided to do. The Head Hunter’s wife says to the nurse lady that they need to observe their kids. And take action when the kids act differently. And the lady responds by asking the head hunter’s wife to take care of her baby. This makes me believe that as a mother she was too scared to hurt her child even knowing about the psychopath gene. So they might have swapped babies so that when the time comes it’s easier to kill the child as the child will not be theirs.

It’s tragic, the Head Hunter’s wife had no problem killing her child. So getting a chance to get away from her husband’s baby must have felt like a golden ticket to her. And thus she gladly allowed this to happen. Looks like the Head Hunter knew the truth at the time of surgery and no wonder he saved his son. It is super sad to see Officer Jung breaking down when he finds about this. In some ways, his mother who raised him was nice to him. Even at the end when she was dying she asked him to be kind, be righteous, and called him her baby. So this truth is hurtful.

Mouse K-Drama Episode 19

I love how Mouse K-Drama Episode 19 never goes the way we predict it to. Officer Jung realizes Bong Yi saw the scar but he does not do anything about it. He lets her go and breaks down crying. Seeing Bong Yi trying to reason out in her mind that Officer Jung cannot be the killer makes you feel sorrowful.

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Choi Hong Joo goes to see her mother and it is emotional. The reason why she never went back to her parents because she felt guilty for leaving her brother alone. Even when her dad the detective gives her the baby back she does not tell him the truth. It is painful to know that the detective has been searching for his daughter all this time. And Choi Hong Joo can’t even come forward and relieve him from his pain or accept her parents’ love. It seems that Choi Hong Joo never knew that Sung Yo Han was not the Head Hunter’s son. She loved him truly despite her believing that he was the offspring of an evil man who ruined her. This is where her humanity shows.

Mouse K-Drama Episode 19

I don’t begrudge the Head Hunter’s wife for wanting to harm her son. As she was not in the right mental state after everything that happened. But God knows she could have done better, done right by Sung Yo Han. She rather chose to believe in her illusion and did not care about anyone else.

We see that Detective Ko finds out Sung Yo Han is not the Head Hunter’s son. This eliminates him as the killer. Now, this makes him focus on Officer Jung. Thus he concludes that it was Officer Jung who attacked Chi Kook. But what’s saddening is that just like Bong Yi even seeing evidence or having a gut feeling makes him harder to accept that Officer Jung could be the culprit.

Mouse K-Drama Episode 19

Choi Hong Joo seems to have a plan. The way she tells off the Head Hunter feels good to watch. After watching how she escaped her fate as a child and losing her lover to the Head Hunter it’s only fair that she delivers the final blow when it comes to him. Maybe this is the reason she cannot come forward about her identity at present. Bong Yi wanting to make sure about Officer Jung goes to the police station. She sees the photo which lets her grandmother know that Officer Jung was the killer. Seeing this she goes to Officer Jung’s house right away but does not find him.

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Officer Jung ends up finding the lady who pretended to be his aunt. At first, the lady is terrified but when Officer Jung does not do anything threatening then she gets ready to talk about the organization. She tells him her role in the organization and how she volunteered because she believed in what the organization stood for. Thankfully she has copies of reports showing how Officer Jung and Sung Yo Han were followed since they were children. They stopped tailing Sung Yo Han when he did not showcase any predator signs. But with Officer Jung, they kept tabs on him. And when it was not enough they purposely triggered his killer instincts to make him what he is now.

When Officer Jung feels guilty about Sung Yo Han dying, the aunt says the organization would have killed him anyway. As they knew about him and Daniel being in contact. Detective Ko realizes that Officer Jung fits the pattern of a serial killer’s MO. He wonders if Officer Jung forgot about being the killer after the brain surgery. He also remembers Sung Yo Han saying something when he asked him about Han Kook. This leads him to Officer Jung’s old house where he finds the part of the Goatman mask which the kid wore when he was kidnapped.

On the other hand, Detective Shin checks the whereabouts of Officer Jung on the days of the murders. This leads Detective Shin to Officer Jung’s house where he finds the laptop of Sung Yo Han’s friend. He goes to the police station with the laptop and checks out files about fairy tales. By clicking on the file it triggered warming on the other end where the organization must have tapped into the system. This puts Detective Shin in danger. We see Detective Lee trying to stop him from going out with the laptop.

Mouse K-Drama

Ah, I can’t believe I ever doubted this man. When he looks at Detective Lee and tells him his wife had a daughter and he is going to love her the most, that statement feels foreboding. Even though Detective Lee is conflicted but not enough because he chose to not say anything and let Detective Shin be collateral damage. We see him picking shoes for his baby girl and go to the hospital. At this point, I already knew what will happen but seeing it brought tears to my eyes. It gets more heartbreaking when we see Detective Ko was calling him right at the time he was dying. And the caller Id shows ‘My Role Model’.

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His death was a necessary loss as now Detective Ko has a personal stake in finding the organization and punishing it rather than only focusing on Officer Jung. Because let’s be real, Yes Officer Jung is a predator a psychopath. He has harmed animals since he was a kid but only ever the animals. He did not feel any emotions as his genetic makeup was different. But he did not receive any help as a child, and as an adult, he was pushed to the killing which only let his baser instincts run wild.

If not for the organization he might have gotten a better chance at living a different kind of life and thus not killing all the ones he did kill. There’s no forgiveness for what he did but there needs to be an understanding of how he was made into a killer. His genes played a role but what pushed him was an outer force, the organization.

The other detectives let Detective Ko know that Officer Jung was not the one who killed Detective Shin. As his alibi checks out. Detective Ko comes across the medicine that Officer Jung used to take for headaches. It looks like the medicines are not painkillers but something that enhances your violent tendency. This makes Detective Ko suspicious of the doctor who prescribed this medicine. He gets a phone number to trace back the location and ends up in front of a building from where we see the Chief Presidential Secretary coming out in a car. Well, we knew the organization had to be government-funded. Now we know the face behind the organization.

Mouse K-Drama

Bong Yi goes to Officer Jung’s house in anger to kill him but the OZ guy catches her. Well, I guess the Organisation is aware that Officer Jung knows about everything. As they know Sung Yo Han’s brain helps Officer Jung feel emotions he will be willing to do anything to save Bong Yi. And this way they are trying to control Officer Jung’s actions. The next scene is my favorite because I could have never imagined this happening. I love it because it’s terrifying but Mouse K-Drama Episode 19 has the best plot twist ever.

Officer Jung is in the same room as the Chief Presidential Secretary and he calls her ‘ The Top-Class Predator’. This is a mind-boggling scene because it changes everything. We get a flashback of Daniel asking Officer Jung to kill the most dangerous predator ever and looks like it is her. To think that this organization is being managed by a predator itself when it is supposed to stand for making the world free of monsters brings goosebumps to you.

Mouse K-Drama

Mouse K-Drama Episode 19 had a fantastic build-up for the finale next week. I love how the writer was able to make us excited for the finale rather than leave us feeling scared for it. This has been a long journey but a very satisfyingly thrilling one. Get ready for one last epic intense wild ride!

Finale on May 19th!
You can watch Mouse K-Drama Episode 19 on Rakuten Viki.
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