Mouse: The Predator 2 – The Transformation

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Mouse: The Predator 2 focuses on the transformation of Jae Hoon to Jung Ba Reum. Mouse: The Predator Part 1 and Part 2 are spin-off episodes which spend time inside Officer Jung’s head which was much needed after the terrifying reveal.

We see Jae Hoon writing down in his diary about a rabbit he killed. He was curious about the rabbit. He killed to get his answers. As a kid, he did not understand why killing a rabbit was punishable. It looks like Jae Hoon operates on a different wavelength and he has no limits and there’s no conscience holding him back. Is it because of the Psychopathic genes? Humans categorize actions as good and bad. That’s what holds back a normal human to not cross a line and go to the darker side. With Jae Hoon, it feels like he has no concept of good and bad. He operated on his base instincts.

The final push was his mother trying to kill him. Even though he asks to be saved from becoming the monster everyone says he is, he ends up being one. He accepted the monster tag that people around bestowed him with. He was intelligent enough to know that to survive in the world he will have to put on a mask. This gave birth to Jung Ba Reum. It’s chilling to see him as a kid and deciding on this new personality.

Mouse The Predator 2

We see the kills committed by Ba Reum as the Seven Sins Killer. The way he was able to maintain his Officer Jung image and adapted to society is brilliant. He not only managed to kill people but integrated himself in the police investigation and helped Detective Ko in little ways to find evidence. It was a well-thought game and a sort of entertainment for him. Ba Reum was the ultimate mastermind. Hiding in plain sight and always staying one step ahead of the police.

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An interesting scene stands out in this episode. The interaction between Ba Reum and the Head Hunter. When Ba Reum sees the Head Hunter for the first time, he says ‘He looks just like us.’ It certainly feels now that Ba Reum must have been talking about himself. When the Head Hunter is stitching Chi Kook’s injury, he makes eye contact with Ba Reum. Yes, Ba Reum was in his acting mode but someone like Head Hunter who was able to assimilate into the society and hide his real self ought to have caught him.

Ba Reum’s interactions with Bong Yi were something I was curious about. Looks like he only tried to stay true to his character by being around Bong Yi and her grandmother. He is not driven by normal emotions. Honestly, it was unnerving to see Ba Reum as the kind Officer Jung when we could hear his real thoughts. It was frightening to see his commitment to this personality. The way he was able to fool all the characters. It would be highly dreadful to see when everyone finds out about the truth.

Mouse The Predator Part 2 Jung

When the Head Hunter does the brain surgery, he says to Sung Yo Han that he should not feel like he was wronged, he can at least live on in this way. This makes me think the Head Hunter knows that Sung Yo Han is not his child. Then does this mean he is the one who keeps saving Officer Jung? What if the OZ tattoo guy does not work for Daniel but works for the Head Hunter? What if he is the reason now Chi Kook is dead? He certainly has motive and no qualms about killing an innocent. But does he have the reach? Well, when the Chief Presidential Secretary got him out to perform the brain surgery it is not a stretch to think he might have put certain plans in motion. If that’s the case then things do get interesting.

Right when you think your mind has adjusted to the fact that Officer Jung is indeed a frightening killer and you try to not feel anything towards him. The writer pulls at our heartstrings by showing us his life after the brain surgery. His interactions with Detective Ko and Bong Yi. His belief that he was indeed a good person. All those scenes are played with a beautiful soundtrack that hurts you and makes you feel emotional about the predicament Officer Jung is in currently. Does the current guilt feelings Officer Jung harbors is solely driven by Sung Yo Han’s frontal lobe? It’s a tragic notion.

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Mouse The Predator Part 2

Both of them are likely to have been born at the same time, with Psychopathic genes. Jae Hoon was always aware of this other kid who had the same genes and wondered how that guy fared. There was this one incident we were shown in the past episode, an interaction between Jae Hoon and a kid who helps him out when he gets hurt. The kid asks him to not hurt the animals and takes care of the wound Jae Hoon has without being appalled by the dead animal. That’s when Jae Hoon wishes he was this kid. Well, in a roundabout way if the kid ends up being Sung Yo Han then we know Jae Hoon’s wish came true.

There is an intricate connection between these two characters. I am sure we have more things to find out when it comes to the past. Most likely we will find the secrets right along with Officer Jung because even though he has been a perfect manipulator, it looks like someone else is pulling the strings now.

Mouse: The Predator 2 puts a lot of things in perspective when it comes to Officer Jung’s character. Get Ready to feel the chills and see how everything unravels when the truth comes out in the next episodes. It will not be easy but we are here for it!

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