Mouse: The Predator – The Spin-Off shaking you to the core!

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The Predator is a two episode spin-off to spend time inside Officer Jung’s head which is much needed after the terrifying reveal. This drama never fails to amaze me.

Evil begets Evil

Mouse: The Predator Part 1 takes us back to the scene where Detective Ko is trying to figure out the Killer’s motive. Remember when we saw Officer Jung as the culprit at the end of episode 6? But then the writer pulled us back from that notion in a believable manner. With this special episode, we see the hidden things. Officer Jung was a manipulator. He set the play in motion and helped Detective Ko to find the answer for the murders. We see all the characters playing into the hands of Officer Jung.

Mouse The Predator Part 1Mouse The Predator

It was horrifying to see that episode in a new light. Seeing Officer Jung as the Predator was not easy especially when we see the events that took place which inevitably led to Father Ko’s demise. It looks like he always was sure about his targets, there was never a chance for either Father Ko or Han Kook the kid to be saved. Everything was set up as a form of entertainment by Officer Jung himself. You know how they say, ‘Once you see something you cannot unsee it’. Now that we have seen Officer Jung as the Predator even the scenes where he was being emotional or made us feel sympathy towards him are ruined. There’s only the truth – him as the gruesome killer who played with people’s emotions and deceived everyone shockingly.

Mouse PredatorMouse

When we see the heart-wrenching scene of Detective Ko begging for his brother’s life again, it brings tears. To think that the killer was so close and the outcome could not have been different regardless of his efforts. This sinking realization breaks you as you keep on watching the episode. The only reason Father Ko does not reveal the identity even when he was allowed to speak was because of the bomb attached to Han Kook. Everything was planned meticulously. We also see the scene where Bong Yi fights off Officer Jung. And in the next scene, we see how he is taking care of Bong Yi in the hospital. This scene always stood out because of the Head Hunter’s wife’s reaction to seeing that moment in the hospital. This is where the writer had given us a clue.

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Officer Jung systematically did everything to reach his goal of killing his targets while tormenting others mostly Detective Ko for entertainment. But one thing he did not account for was Sung Yo Han. Sung Yo Han figured out about Officer Jung and also confronted him. After all, he belongs to the one percent of the psychopathic gene which means he turned out to be a genius rather than a killing machine. There is still the mystery surrounding how he gets to know the truth. And why the Head Hunter’s wife raises him as her son?

Part 2 could either delve into this part of the story or the writer might take us back to the past and show how Officer Jung grew into this person who was sinister enough to make up a completely new personality. As a kid, we have seen him as someone who had no time for these theatrics. He showed disinterest in general. Also, we know that Officer Jung does not know his real mother. He never reacts to seeing the Head Hunter’s wife which means something happens in the past which pushes him to the way he is now. Something most likely which even he is unaware of.

Officer Jung

Mouse: The Predator Part 1 ends with the scene where Officer Jung and Sung Yo Han had faced each other while one of them wondered about another kid with psychopathic genes. Now we know those were Officer Jung’s thoughts. As a kid he had to deal with the monster tag and his family did not treat him with care. A part of you wants to think about him as the kid who begs God to save him. And a more aware part of you knows now the ship has sailed a long time ago. Even though the current Officer Jung harbors emotions of grief and guilt, forgiveness is not an option. Well, it will be interesting to see what lies ahead.

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