The Devil Judge Episode 8 – Who Will Put On The Better Show?

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The Devil Judge episode 8 lets us see a different side to Kim Ga On and I am all for it. After seeing that the person who conned his parents is not in the prison anymore, he is devastated. What is interesting to note is Kang Yo Han’s expression. He looks at Kim Ga On breaking down in a way that makes you see he is pleased with what is happening. Does he like that Kim Ga On is in pain? No, it has to do more with the fact that he is reacting the way Kang Yo Han expected him to. Whatever plan Kang Yo Han has is coming to fruition. And that is why he looks at Kim Ga On crying with almost a pleased expression.


Kang Yo Han reminds him about the fire that killed his brother. How he saw humans for what they are – Selfish. Not only that, what boggled his mind more was the members of the foundation coming to see him in the hospital. They continued their act, showing their fake remorse for Issac’s death and feeling distressed about their misfortune. He tells Kim Ga On how they will be the same now only worrying about themselves but never accepting or seeing their faults. ‘If the devil does exist among us, it would be the self-pity of the powerful.’ This statement shakes you a bit with how much truth it packs. Pity for oneself when in a powerful position will never let them realize the consequences of their actions.

Here comes my favorite part regarding Kim Ga On’s character. Kim Ga On thinks back to the visit to the prison, how the police guards reacted to Kang Yo Han. The way Kang Yo Han made sure to hold him till he sees the prisoner. The little subtle actions the police guard did looking at them. And how Kang Yo Han was not surprised with any of it. All of this brings a scary thought to his mind, whether Kang Yo Han orchestrated everything including the swapping of the prisoners. The Devil Judge episode 8 does a good job of making us go back and forth with our conclusions regarding Kang Yo Han. If the devil is among us then is Kang Yo Han the devil? I love these implications.

Kim Ga On had an emotional breakdown but he still has enough presence of mind to doubt Kang Yo Han which he definitely should. I think he is a quick learner and dealing with Kang Yo Han is helping him sharpen his wits. On the other hand, we see the plan Jung Sun Ah made to become the chairwoman of the Social Responsibility Foundation. She played her cards very right and now she is in a position of power. The president makes strong statements talking about intensive law and order and going for a better Korea with the help of Jung Sun Ah. She surely has the powerful people in the country in the palm of her hands.

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Kang Yo Han cannot act against the foundation project now with the way Jung Sun Ah has created the narrative and capitalized on the death of the chairman. Kang Yo Han talks about how the game has begun and following the rules and principles will get them nowhere. He again reminds Kim Ga On about his parents, this tells you he is banking on Kim Ga On to feel emotional about the whole situation and stand with him. Kim Ga On reaches to Yoon Soo Hyun in his confused state. It is not surprising that Yoon Soo Hyun comes to the same conclusion going through Kim Ga On’s head.

The Devil Judge Episode 8

She states that there has to be an ulterior motive for Kang Yo Han to take him to prison and expose this information. She wants him to be careful. It seems too much for Kim Ga On to handle as he starts breaking down. Even considering Kang Yo Han’s motive the fact remains that the person who conned his parents is out and not serving his sentence anymore. It feels so unfair that his parents had to die and they did not receive justice. This is the start of him losing faith in the system. Meanwhile, we see Jung Sun Ah pretty pleased with herself. She is wearing the chain she stole from Kang Yo Han and decides to give him a visit.

Crazy attracts Crazy? The way she is unafraid of Kang Yo Han and faces off with him wearing a pleasant smile makes you chuckle. She is on par with Kang Yo Han’s unpredictable personality so it is entertaining to see them exchange words. Kang Yo Han reaches his limit with her and he almost strangles her. But Kim Ga On saves her from him. We notice that Kang Yo Han takes back the necklace also that she stabbed him with her pin. This woman needs no saving. Even when we think she is losing she has tricks up her sleeve. Oh Jin Joo goes off at Kang Yo Han trying to assert her presence. Thankfully Kang Yo Han catches on to the fact that she has changed and he likely knows the reason behind it.

The Devil Judge Episode 8

Cha Kyung Hee shows up in The Devil Judge episode 8. I was wondering what happened to her in the previous one. It looks like she is cut off from the other members of the foundation. She asks her secretary to look into Jung Sun Ah which is interesting. Because the enemy of my enemy can be an ally right? Can she be Kang Yo Han’s ally? Or more like his pawn in the game, they are playing. Kim Ga On and Kang Yo Han discuss what needs to be done. Kang Yo Han states that with Kim Ga On on his side he does not need the third judge. He says to work against the people in power they need to divide them first. Kim Ga On realizes that is what Kang Yo Han did with Cha Kyung Hee.

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Kang Yo Han tells him that Cha Kyung Hee has information on everyone and cornering her will help him to gain that information. He sure does play a long game. We all thought his actions were simply for revenge after hearing the church fire story but it’s more than that. The man working for Kang Yo Han feels uneasy about Kim Ga On’s role in their plans. Kang Yo Han tells him he needs Kim Ga On by his side or he will have to get rid of him. A part of him is fond of Kim Ga On, that is why he is trying so hard to get him on his side so that he will not have to hurt him. We see Elijah offering to create a plan for killing the man who conned Kim Ga On’s parents. It seems ruthlessness is in the family traits.

Hypothetical concerns Kim Ga On raises about a reason behind prisoner swapping make you see that he is wary of Kang Yo Han. And somewhere he believes that Kang Yo Han set up this whole ordeal for whatever crazy purpose he has. Elijah is concerned about Kim Ga On and she reaches out to Yoon Soo Hyun. Their interactions are cute and bring a lightness with everything else happening in The Devil Judge episode 8. Kim Ga On meets up with a friend asking him for a favor to look into details about a prisoner. He is set out to find more about what happened to figure out if his assumptions are true.

Kim Ga On’s professor associate justice comes to visit him and Yoon Soo Hyun. He talks about how people are being violent on the streets. And the president has put the courts under a strict law to give the toughest punishments and show no mercy. How police officers are getting beaten by the people. He emphasizes that the live court trial has created a monster and it needs to be stopped. He asks Kim Ga On to bring forth evidence to support these claims. So they can put a stop to the live court trial. Kim Ga On is in a muddled state of mind where he has a lot of things to process.

Kang Yo Han takes him to a place where he introduces the man who works for him to Kim Ga On. And then Kang Yo Han states confidently that he makes sure to win before the game even starts. It gets more clear when other people working for him come up to meet Kim Ga On. Among them is the Prosecutor lawyer of the first case JU Chemicals. Also the girl who was the first one to video call to give testimony against Lee Young Min and the chief police. The soundtrack that plays during this scene hypes you about the reveals so much.

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The Devil Judge Episode 8

Kim Ga On is shocked seeing them. He asks how much money did they receive to be part of Kang Yo Han’s team. Their response is surprising. Each of them has been wronged by the justice system in some way or the other. And that is what banded these people together to work for Kang Yo Han. This is very interesting, I would have never thought for Kang Yo Han to have his set army to fight against the powerful. The way he presents this to Kim Ga On hoping that he will acknowledge the rightness to Kang Yo Han’s cause feels a bit manipulative.

But one thing that Kang Yo Han says is true. Even though he put his touches on the trials those actions only encouraged people to come forward and speak their truths. People needed a push like right now Kim Ga On needs a push to be standing on the right side of the fight. So Kang Yo Han’s actions might seem manipulative but it gets things done and we need that. Kang Yo Han creates the show even before it is out to the public in the live trial. And then the story goes the way he wants.

On the other end, we have Jung Sun Ah working on Oh Jin Joo to come up with her show with a different storyline. She is cunning enough to give Kang Yo Han a run for his money. It will be interesting to see whose show will come on top when everything is said and done.

Kim Ga On finds the information he asked for about the prisoner and he confronts Kang Yo Han. In face of Kim Ga On’s anger, Kang Yo Han stands calm letting him come to the answer himself. When Kim Ga On points out that Kang Yo Han went to the prison before him for the sole reason to confirm that he can shake Kim Ga On, Kang Yo Han agrees. He simply says he wants Kim Ga On to be on his side and for that, he would have done anything. All the worse things Kim Ga On thought of are possible when it comes to him. He tells him that is who he is and it won’t change. I love this declaration because there is no deceit.

The Devil Judge Episode 8

Yes, Kang Yo Han will handle things on his terms to get the needed result. But when Kim Ga On confronts him, he is simply honest. He lets him choose with open eyes. We cannot ignore the fact that Kang Yo Han already laid down all the things which will ensure that Kim Ga On will choose him. So he is not worried about being honest. It is truly fascinating how his brain works and the actions he takes to get what he wants. The next scene is something we all have been waiting for since the start.

The way Kim Ga On firmly talks to his professor makes us see how much he has changed. He accepts Kang Yo Han’s viewpoints about justice. I think he finally realizes that to get real justice he needs to get his hands dirty. And not stand behind the face of the law. Tense music plays out we see a group of people being violent and Yoon Soo Hyun comes across them. She asks Elijah to stay in the car while she gets down to confront the violent group. This scene leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Because we all know it is a prelude to something bad happening. Thinking about Elijah in the car and Yoon Soo Hyun facing off a rough violent group alone makes me queasy.

The way Kim Ga On tells off his professor is completely shocking. A part of me thinks that he is acting to get on Kang Yo Han’s side and get a closer look into Kang Yo Han’s plans. But he also is aware that their opponents are powerful. And as much as he has seen he knows Kang Yo Han is the only one who can make them pay. So it is not a surprise for him to choose Kang Yo Han. The way he says, ‘I would like to be on the winning team’ is so thrilling.

Ji Sung Kdrama

The soundtrack that follows as Kim Ga On walks towards Kang Yo Han gives you the best feelings ever. Whatever may be the real reason behind Kim Ga On’s bold decision, I love that we will finally see them as partners. The pure proud look Kang Yo Han has when Kim Ga On tells him he wants to fight the corrupt world is so satisfying.

Just thinking about them in a partnership fighting against the corrupt people, giving their all is enough to make you feel excited for what is to come. This is the turning point of The Devil Judge. Get Ready for this Powerful Duo! It is going to be a wild intense ride!

A big shoutout to the amazing soundtrack of The Devil Judge, lucky for us another song has been released! Can’t wait for the complete soundtrack to be out!

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