The Devil Judge Episode 9 – Human Greed Has No End!

The Devil Judge episode 9 starts with a recap of all the things that have happened so far. It takes us to the beginning of

My Hero Academia Episode 106 – True Atonement!

In My Hero Academia episode 106, we see Endeavor realizing the meaning behind his dream and the true way he can atone for his past actions.

The Devil Judge Episode 8 – Who Will Put On The Better Show?

The Devil Judge episode 8 lets us see a different side to Kim Ga On and I am all for it. After seeing that the person who conned his par..

The Devil Judge Episode 7 – Breaking The Faith In The System!

The Devil Judge episode 7 starts with Kang Yo Han dramatically announcing to the country about the people in power involved in mo..

My Hero Academia Episode 105 – Forgiveness Is Hard To Come By!

My Hero Academia episode 105 focuses on the Todoroki family. It takes us on a painful journey from the start when all went wrong with..

The Devil Judge Episode 6 – Taking Out The Powerful One By One!

It is surprising how in the previous episode I did not like Jung Sun Ah but in The Devil Judge episode 6 she captured my attention.

The Devil Judge Episode 5: Kang Yo Han Has A Formidable Enemy!

The Devil Judge episode 5 starts with Kang Yo Han waking up to the illusion of seeing his brother in the fire. Honestly, the way he gets..

My Hero Academia Episode 104 – Something to Protect!

My Hero Academia episode 104 starts with a recap. Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki had a hard time catching up to Endeavor on their first..

The Devil Judge Episode 4 – Revenge At Its Finest!

The Devil Judge episode 4 starts with the findings of Kang Yo Han’s past. The insinuation that he is responsible for his brother’s death.

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