The Devil Judge Episode 10 – Kim Ga On, A Good Disciple!

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In The Devil Judge episode 10 we see Kim handling things well and Kang Yo Han is proud of it. In the previous episode we saw him and Kang Yo Han officially working together on the same team. Every time Kim Ga On stepped up to take care of business, Kang Yo Han helped him finish it. It is not easy for him to handle the crooked people in a crooked way but he is learning.

Kim Ga On discovers something important regarding the guy causing riots. We see that he worked closely with the president in the past and most likely he is acting on the president’s orders now. Kang Yo Han asks whether they need to put the guy on the live court. Kim Ga On wants that but there needs to be a charge for him to be prosecuted for. And it looks like because of his connections he was let go even after Yoon Soo Hyun arrested him. On the other hand, the foundation members are happy with Jung Sun Ah playing around Kang Yo Han making him do a ridiculous thing like the photoshoot. The President also talks about wanting to fund the groups that help them in the long run.

Cha Kyung Hee wants definitive evidence on Jung Sun Ah. When her secretary asks why she is not stepping in to do something about the riots. She explains how it benefits her differently. She knows it will only get more violent and then somebody will die. As the current president’s motto seems to be of pure blood Koreans So when that happens she can be there to push forward her motto which is Korea safe for everyone. This is likely to get her the support she needs.

Oh Jin Joo is happy playing along with media promotions in The Devil Judge episode 10. But she does get interested when Kim Ga On brings forward the case with Kim Choong Sik – the riot guy. I hope we see some character development with her by the end of the drama. It feels like she is just here along for the ride but there are moments when you realize she genuinely cares about the cases. Kang Yo Han has a game plan to get Kim Choong Sik prosecuted but they would need help from Cha Kyung Hee. He points out to Kim Ga On that Yoon Soo Hyun will be able to arrest him. It makes sense because she is anyways gunning for him.

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Surprisingly Elijah helps out in finding the location of Kim Choong Sik. While Cha Kyung Hee finds out that the foundation stopped funding to few of her subsidiaries. When she confronts Jung Sun Ah regarding this it only infuriates her. The meeting makes it clear she needs to get rid of Jung Sun Ah. This propels her to arrange a meeting with Kang Yo Han as she is aware Jung Sun Ah was a maid in his house. Kim Ga On and Yoon Soo Hyun get to the location Elijah finds to arrest the guy. But when they come across a small hurdle of getting inside the building where the guy is present, Elijah comes through.

I love her brains and this way she is also kind of part of this new team to help them in a pinch. They catch the guy and get ready to take him to the police station. But then people with weapons more likely gangsters come to his aid. Making it harder for them to hold on to Kim Choong Sik. It is two versus a lot of people they do try to hold their ground but fighting the gangsters off and catching Kim Choong Sik is hard.

Well thankfully for them Kang Yo Han shows up in his Bad boy attire just ready to knock people out. And then it’s like the whole team is complete. Kang and Kim are fighting off the gangsters while Yoon Soo Hyun is chasing Kim Choong Sik. The soundtrack that plays during this scene makes you so excited. I think it is my new favorite and you just can’t help but enjoy the scene in The Devil Judge episode 10.

Kang Yo Han meets up with Cha Kyung Hee to make sure Kim Choong Sik is prosecuted. For this favor, he provides her with information that can help her with handling Jung Sun Ah. It seems like a win-win situation. Jung Sun Ah is a thorn in Kang Yo Han’s side. He is subtle in attacking her through Cha Kyung Hee. And he also gets to go after the president with Cha Kyung Hee’s help. Kang Yo Han gets his way and the case is set to be on the live court for trial. Kim Ga On offers to do the groundwork to make sure Kim Choong Sik breaks and get the predicament of the case in their favor.

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They already have the defendant’s lawyer working with them which gives them the needed push to take the case where they want. It is very sneaky but when you are dealing with corrupt people you have to be ten steps ahead of them by any means possible. Sparks fly between Kim Ga On and Yoon Soo Hyun. They both are aware of their feelings but it seems Kim Ga On always holds back from going forward like we see in this episode. I feel he’s concerned that it would jeopardize their friendship; perhaps it’s difficult for him to deal with the relationship at this point in his life. While this duo gives us soft vibes, Kang Yo Han and Jung Sun Ah acting pleasant with animosity give the thrills.

Their interactions are weirdly something I look forward to. You can see how much control Kang Yo Han has to handle Jung Sun Ah. Their crazy matches each other. Just smiling in the front while stabbing at each other’s back is their thing to do. I like their dynamics and it will be interesting to see how long they can carry this out. At one point one of them has to break and unleash hell, I wonder who will it be first. Jung Sun Ah wants Kang Yo Han to go easy on Kim Choong Sik. She asks him to let that guy go with a warning. Kang Yo Han lets her know he will do what he can with a wicked smile.

Kim Choong Sik has a cult following so he feels assured about his chances to get away in the trial. He makes a speech talking about the pureblood Koreans and how they are the only ones who need to live in the country. His ideas are so absurd that Oh Jin Joo steps forward to make him see reason. But it falls on deaf ears and Kim Ga On takes the lead on the questioning.

It is interesting how Kim Ga On paints a picture of Kim Choong Sik as not a revolutionary but a mere bully who is lame in his attempts to do things. With every instance of Kim Choong Sik’s past Kim Ga On brings forth the public opinion changes. The people are displeased about the actions he committed and his personality off the camera. And then after the public votes in favor of a punishment, Kang Yo Han declares the verdict.

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The manner the verdicts are reached is always full of surprises and The Devil Judge episode 10 is no different. Kang tells Kim Choong Sik that he is free to go but a GPS tracker will be monitoring his movements. And the Dike app where people vote for live court trials will display his location. This is a serious punishment. Because that means he can never hide from the people and now that his real personality is out, it will get worse for him.

The results are terrible, now people are hunting him the way he hunted others. And when you witness it, a part of you knows that he did the same to others. He was wrong first so this happening to him only seems fair. But as I said humans have complex emotions somewhere tit for tat is not satisfying to watch. I realized having revenge, in theory, is very satisfying but when you have to visualize that revenge happening then maybe it does not feel right. Though at times people do deserve the bad things happening to them, it’s karma.

Kim Ga On feels the same and he worries they just created another monster. Kang Yo Han states that everyone has a monster hiding inside them and the situations bring those monsters out. Cha Kyung Hee confronts Jung Sun Ah about people dying around her. She also comments on how Jung Sun Ah is a lowlife and she is aware that Jung Sun Ah worked as a maid. This enrages Jung Sun Ah. For her, she worked so hard to get where she is now that she does not want to be associated with her past. But her opponent knowing her dirty secret makes her livid. She knows Kang Yo Han let the information out. And by the looks of it, she is ready to rain down some hell.

I assume the next set of episodes will not be in favor of Kang Yo Han because Jung Sun Ah is ready to up the ante. She is going to go all out and maybe not hide under her saccharine smile. It will be fun to watch!

I am so thankful that the song used in The Devil Judge episode 10 and the previous one is out. Go give it a listen and feel the character’s emotions running through your body!

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