The Devil Judge Episode 11 – Never Let Yourself Become The Prey!

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Wow, there are some shocking turn of events that take place in The Devil Judge episode 11 and it makes you glad that you picked up this drama. With each episode, it feels like The Devil Judge keeps getting better. Bringing us the feeling of thrills and leaving us in anticipation of what will happen next.

After the humiliation in the previous episode, Jung Sun Ah is enraged and asks her informer to look into Kang Yo Han’s actions. Kang Yo Han and Kim Ga On are discussing their plan regarding involving Cha Kyung Hee. Kim Ga On feels they should release the con man information they have to the media and bring her down that way. But Kang Yo Han is aware that media is in the clutches of Cha Kyung Hee. They cannot take any action without consideration. So far they hope things will fall into place and the people they are relying on will act accordingly. We see Cha Kyung Hee giving her son some tough love asking him to feel vengeful rather than scared.

Cha Kyung Hee meets up with Jung Sun Ah and shows her the information Kang Yo Han shared with her. She threatens Jung Sun Ah with the information and asks her to catch Kang Yo Han in return. It seems fair that for Cha Kyung Hee the bigger fish to fry is Kang Yo Han. He was the one who came after her relentlessly and hurt her by prosecuting her son. Jung Sun Ah agrees to her demand.

Though her fascination with Kang Yo Han makes it harder for her to do anything irrevocably bad to him. She surprises Kang Yo Han at his barber’s shop. She has all the chances and the tool to end his life. But Kang Yo Han knows his appeal and he plays on it to lure her in. He tells her the only reason he gave any information to Cha Kyung Hee was so that Jung Sun Ah will feel the need to attack her. They both can now work on Cha Kyung Hee and eliminate her from the presidential race. He invites her to his house more likely to soften her.

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Jung Sun Ah is thrown back to the nostalgia of her past. The way she fondly remembers Kang Yo Han’s young self makes you realize her feelings for him are strong. She has dinner with Kang Yo Han, Elijah, and Kim Ga On. The familiarity between the three makes her comment how Kim Ga On feels like a member of Kang Yo Han’s family. I think it’s a wrong move on Kang Yo Han’s part to invite her over when his family is together. Because we know Jung Sun Ah is unpredictable, so this understanding that hurting Elijah or Kim Ga On will affect Kang Yo Han is dangerous for her to have.

When the housekeeper recognizes Jung Sun Ah, it makes her angry. She confronts Kang Yo Han about playing her. Kang Yo Han admits to it and simply states it is fun. Looks like he is taking a page from Jung Sun Ah’s book and playing the game. Shockingly he gives her the chain he treasures so much and it only proves how thick he is laying it on for Jung Sun Ah to act in his best interest. It is intriguing how Jung Sun Ah realizes that Kang Yo Han is using her or luring her but she still wants to help him out. I love this dynamic they have between each other. She knowingly wants to help Kang Yo Han out. It is surprising as we know how enraged she was at the end of the previous episode.

Oh Jin Joo gets a call from the foundation asking her to meet. The members are digging into her past asking her questions concerning it. At first, she appears docile and uncomfortable but suddenly her attitude changes. She owns the room confidently and surprises the members. They are looking for a substitute for Kang Yo Han and Oh Jin Joo having a backbone only pleases them. It looks like they prefer to have someone with teeth on their side so that person can hold their own in front of Kang Yo Han.


Kim Ga On brings warmth into Kang Yo Han’s life. He has always been misunderstood since he was a child. The way Kim Ga On looks deeper than the surface when it comes to Kang Yo Han makes you feel glad. Kang Yo Han is a tortured soul and he does not accept or see love easily. With Kim Ga On by his side slowly he has been opening to better things. And we love seeing it, the part of Kang Yo Han that is accepting happiness. Elijah and Kang Yo Han are playing the Jenga game competitively. As Kim Ga On is looking at them softly, it gives us the sweet moment of The Devil Judge episode 11 .

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We also get some sweet moments between Kim Ga On and Yoon Soo Hyun in The Devil Judge episode 11 . Jung Sun Ah proposes an idea to Cha Kyung Hee. She says to salvage her son’s reputation, they need to discredit the testimony given by the public. She brings out the girl, the actress who helped Kang Yo Han by making the fake testimony first to encourage the public. It looks like Jung Sun Ah is threatening her to help them. Cha Kyung Hee feels confident about making up the truth. Jung Sun Ah asks her to do a press conference.

Cha Kyung Hee announces to the press that in the live court platform she will reveal the information regarding Kang Yo Han’s misconduct in her son’s case. She faces off Kang Yo Han and announces that the witness was bribed by him to make a false statement in her son’s case. When the young girl comes forward to talk, we see Jung Sun Ah arrives at the same time. And to everyone’s surprise, the young girl throws Cha Kyung Hee under the bus. And that’s when we all realize Jung Sun Ah double-crossed Cha Kyung Hee in the favor of Kang Yo Han. Well Kang Yo Han’s affection towards her was not in vain.

The Devil Judge Episode 11

Then Kang Yo Han takes over and announces to the public about the con man whom Cha Kyung Hee let free for money. This gets everyone in a frenzy and Cha Kyung Hee feels like she lost everything. She asks her secretary to arrange a meeting with Kang Yo Han and also for a gun. Desperate times like Cha Kyung Hee faces in The Devil Judge episode 11 call for desperate measures. She meets up with Kang Yo Han, she asks him what he wants. Kang Yo Han says he is willing to back down if she will give him all the files she has on the foundation. Kang Yo Han notices Cha Kyung Hee has her hand on the gun but she resists. The frustration of the situation gets to her.

She meets up with her family and tells them she will face this situation headstrong. Kang Yo Han believes that they need to push more to reel her in. Everything seems to work against Cha Kyung Hee and she feels trapped enough to go and visit the president. She tells him about the files she has and asks him to help in return for keeping them safe. But shockingly the president and his wife turn the tables on Cha Kyung Hee by bringing up her son. This makes Cha Kyung Hee hesitate with her actions. Kang Yo Han’s informant corners her into meeting with Kang Yo Han.

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The Devil Judge Episode 11

Kang Yo Han and Kim Ga On go to her office, Kim Ga On asks her to give in. Cha Kyung Hee laughs at this notion and asks them to wait outside till she finishes her smoke. Yoon Soo Hyun enters the building to meet with Cha Kyung Hee. There is a lot of slow build-ups while Cha Kyung Hee is putting off her smoke. And Kang Yo Han and Kim Ga On are waiting outside. Cha Kyung Hee tears up while looking at her family photo thinking about her son. And to everyone’s shock, she shoots herself. This was so out of the blue. To think that she killed herself, was unexpected.

For her, she always held the cards to make moves against people but what Kang Yo Han did blew her reputation. Maybe she felt there was no way to restore it, no way for her to become the president in the next elections. She could not live as prey when she hunted others all her life. Her character is so dedicated to the power that when she felt powerless she saw no reason to live.

And guess what? This is not the only thing that shocks us in this episode. What follows the above scene is equally appalling. When Kang Yo Han and Kim Ga On hear the gunshot they rush inside the room. After finding Cha Kyung Hee on the floor, Kim Ga On moves towards her and starts looking for the pen drive or card which has the files they wanted. I mean knowing Kim Ga On, we know this is so out of character for him. He does not stop to think after looking at the dead body but just rushes to get what they wanted. This is not the way we expected him to react. I think Kang Yo Han is also shocked at this outcome. It truly is sad and on top of this Yoon Soo Hyun catches him red-handed.

The Devil Judge Episode 11

What a turn of events, so much happened in this episode. A lot of things were unexpected and as a viewer, I liked that. Kim Ga On is getting affected by being on Kang Yo Han’s team. It will be interesting to see where we go from here!

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