The Devil Judge Episode 12 – Things Are Finally Getting Heated Up!

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In The Devil Judge episode 12 we see Kang Yo Han’s family breaking apart. And it makes you so sad but they needed the hit. Because that’s when interesting things happen.

Yoon Soo Hyun finding Kim Ga On near the dead body is devastating for her. He has no time to explain, she just asks him to leave. Though Kang Yo Han lets her know that Cha Kyung Hee killed herself. She calls for backup and then breaks down while cleaning the fingerprints Kim Ga On left on the table. She is definitely in shock, what she is doing now cleaning up the evidence goes against her duty. And that breaks her heart, moreover that Kim Ga On is part of this has shaken her. The president sends someone to collect the files Cha Kyung Hee had.

Kim Ga On is breaking down in the car while Kang Yo Han is driving back. I think he is coming down from the shock or the reflex movements he went through after hearing the gunshot. Seeing Yoon Soo Hyun brought him back to a sensible mind and now he is finally processing what happened. Kang Yo Han offers support to him. Kang Yo Han understands that it is the first cruel experience Kim Ga On had to go through after the team-up. Back in the home Kang Yo Han and Kim Ga On are discussing what happened. Kang Yo Han asks him to forget it and focus on the next plan.

Kang Yo Han states that the files will be with the President now which is true. So that means in a way the President now holds the most power. He will not be a lackey anymore for Jung Sun Ah. This makes things complicated. Kim Ga On goes to visit Yoon Soo Hyun. Her reaction is a tad bit extreme I feel. She makes him realize that she had to wipe off evidence for him. And yes this is big because she is a legit cop who is loyal to her duty but had to do something that she did not feel right with. But the thing is did Kim Ga On kill Cha Kyung Hee and she wiped the evidence for that? No.

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Kim Ga On’s only fault was touching the body and she has no idea why. So rather than coaxing him out to tell her and talk to him. She is just blaming him. Even if she left the evidence there, Kang Yo Han as a witness would have given the testimony if anyone came for Kim Ga On. So she acted on her own out of love without getting all the points straight and now going off at Kim Ga On. I feel sad for him because he feels affected not just the way he reacted after the gunshot. But Yoon Soo Hyun’s words are hitting him too deeply. Jung Sun Ah lets Kang Yo Han know she will make him the president in the next elections. He says he rather be a board executive at the foundation. Jung Sun Ah does not agree with this.

The Devil Judge Episode 12

Kang Yo Han calls up his informant and lets him know to keep an eye on Kim Ga On. He worries Kim Ga On could be reckless and do something that will ruin their plan. Yoon Soo Hyun begs Kang Yo Han to let Kim Ga On go. I understand where she is coming from, she has always protected him. And she has her suspicions for Kang Yo Han so Kim Ga On’s out-of-character behavior disturbs her. Kang Yo Han’s informant meets up with Kim Ga On. He talks about how he supposedly should feel happy to get revenge for his father. But it feels all futile in the end. He also throws a warning to Kim Ga On to not get deeply involved in Kang Yo Han’s plans. He states that staying by Kang Yo Han’s side makes you lose yourself.

This is a heavy statement but backed with some hard truth. Kim Ga On goes off to talk with Kang Yo Han. Kang Yo Han cherishes Kim Ga On to some extent. He tries to make him see that the path they are on requires them to do things that are not easy. Like when you are dealing with cruel people sometimes you have to be cruel too. He asks Kim Ga On to leave Yoon Soo Hyun because she is making him question everything. Getting too much emotional about things. So it finally comes down to Kang Yo Han vs Yoon Soo Hyun in The Devil Judge episode 12. Who will Kim Ga On choose?

Ji Sung

We know the obvious answer and he goes with it. He chooses to leave Kang Yo Han’s house and get some space. Elijah is heartbroken about it. Their dynamics are the best part of the drama. So it is hard to see it breaking apart. Even though Kim Ga On chooses Yoon Soo Hyun, he still has warmth for the moments he spent at Kang Yo Han’s house. He thinks back to all that has happened so far and wishes for them to be well. But it is hard for things to be well without Kim Ga On because he was the glue that was keeping this family together. Without him, things will unravel.

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When Elijah goes off at Kang Yo Han for making Kim Ga On leave, he reminds her Kim Ga On is not her father. This is a harsh truth that is harder for a young girl to accept when she sees her father’s face in him. The reason that he looks so much like her father is what warmed her up to him first. But she also made a connection with him and now she feels like she is losing another person with the same face. And that is heartbreaking. On the other hand, the foundation members along with Jung Sun Ah meet up to celebrate Cha Kyung Hee’s death. Jung Sun Ah puts her plan in motion by asking them to include Kang Yo Han making him run for the president.


At this the current president asks should they even have the elections. He speaks rudely with her and tells her not to be a woman in heat when it comes to Kang Yo Han. The president got wings now that he has Cha Kyung Hee’s files. I will be waiting for the time Jung Sun Ah puts him in his place. For now, she has use for him so she is careful around him. Yoon Soo Hyun meets up with Kim Ga On’s professor asking for help. He is fired up and meets up with Kang Yo Han to ask him to back off. Kang Yo Han simply states that he was the one who brought Kim Ga On into this so he is responsible for this circumstance. He also lets the professor know Kim Ga On makes his own choices so it does not fall back on him.

Finally, we get some verbal acknowledgment from Kang Yo Han’s side in regards to what he feels for Kim Ga On in The Devil Judge episode 12. He misses Kim Ga On, for him, Kim Ga On was the person who understood him better than anyone. Saw beyond the surface level tough exterior of Kang Yo Han. The way Kang Yo Han reminisces his moments with Kim Ga On and Elijah together makes you feel soft. He thinks that even if humanity falls, he will be okay as long as Elijah and Kim Ga On are with him.

The Devil Judge Episode 12

And right away in the next scene, we see Kim Ga On sitting alone contemplating to call Kang Yo Han. Even if they are apart, their connection is strong they are family to each other now. And no matter what, they will find their way back to the other. It will be exciting to see how that will happen.

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Yoon Soo Hyun is on her crusade trying to find out Kang Yo Han’s past. She suspects him to be responsible for the church fire and she tries to find evidence regarding it. I hope she is successful because Kang Yo Han is not truly the devil-like he portrays himself to be. We also know that there is more to the Church fire story than what Kang Yo Han told Kim Ga On. I am ready for all of it to come out. The professor holds a press conference targeting Kang Yo Han asking him to step down. This causes an uproar, the public is hating on him. But the president is ecstatic about the chance it gives him.

He arranges his guy to hurt the professor in the name of Kang Yo Han. Then he holds a dramatic press conference talking about how Kang Yo Han’s fanatic following is hurting other people. Kim Ga On rushes to see his professor as soon as he hears about the attack. I love that even though Kim Ga On is at odds with Kang Yo Han, he comes to his defense when the professor blames Kang Yo Han. Jung Sun Ah’s informant finds that Kang Yo Han is still looking into Jung Sun Ah’s past obtaining information that could hurt her. It finally pulls her off from the feelings she has for Kang Yo Han. We know things are getting real when Jung Sun Ah throws away the chain Kang Yo Han gave her. She arranges something sinister for Kim Ga On.

Kang Yo Han is struggling with his memories. The way he dreams about facing off his brother feels there is a story behind it. We know Issac is a good man, we also know he was good to Kang Yo Han as a kid. All we know is that he was good. But I wonder what if he was not good anymore by the end of it? What if his brother somehow hurt him? Okay, these are some bad thoughts that I cannot help but think about because of The Devil Judge episode 12.

Just the way Kang Yo Han looks so vulnerable dreaming about his brother. But maybe I am getting too ahead of myself. Kang Yo Han is definitely on a path for revenge so if he is not avenging his brother then what else could be the reason? We will know soon when the story of his past unfolds.

Jung Sun Ah puts her plans into motion by asking Kang Yo Han to meet. We also see Kim Ga On getting a call to come to a slum area to save the professor. In that area, people are getting taken by the foundation lackeys forcefully, brutally while the police are keeping watch. Kim Ga On witnesses this. We see Oh Jin Joo giving a speech announcing that a virus has broken out in the slum area and people are getting evacuated. If she only knew the real truth. Kang Yo Han arrives at an abandoned place, Jung Sun Ah acts sweet to him. Kang Yo Han even with everything going on in his life does not break character and is also sweet to her. They both are so poisonous to each other.

Jung Sun Ah lets him know he picked the wrong thing to go after by not choosing her. Kang Yo Han is unapologetic about his choices. Suddenly we see Kang Yo Han’s informant is tied up in the air and Jung Sun Ah has a gun pointing towards Kang Yo Han. Kang Yo Han attempts to disarm her but gets shot by Jung Sun Ah’s informant. Everything stops for a second and then Jung Sun Ah walks away. Kang Yo Han is in pain but he has such strong determination. Kang Yo Han’s informant yells at him to not come up but even with the bullet in his body, he walks up to talk it out with Jung Sun Ah.

He asks Jung Sun Ah to not drop his guy down. But she tells him that she wants him as alone as she is. She wants to make him lonely enough to choose her. Wow, the crazy is showing, and well she is true to her character. I think at this point Kang Yo Han realizes not just his man is in danger but the others he loves are too. On the other side, we see Kim Ga On looking for the professor and then helps some kids out. But unlucky him he is surrounded by a lot of people who are coming to beat him down. And Jung Sun Ah pushes a button that drops down the man working for Kang Yo Han. She leaves him there shell shocked. This has to be the lowest point for Kang Yo Han so far.

He is hurt but it will not kill him. Jung Sun Ah knows this too. What’s more important is the people he cares about. I hope Kang Yo Han’s informant is not dead because I have gotten attached to him. And it will be just too sad to lose him. What made me glad was Elijah was not a victim of anything yet in The Devil Judge episode 12. Things got very tough for Kang Yo Han, but he has a way of coming back strong.

The Devil Judge Episode 12

The preview for the next episode shows things will only get more thrilling from there. Hurting Elijah could be the last straw which means Kang Yo Han will not play safe anymore. He will go all out. His promise to kill Jung Sun Ah painfully miserably is a thing to look forward to. Jung Sun Ah craves this kind of attention from him so maybe she will gladly die by his hands. Or she will get away? Only the next few episodes will tell us. Stay tuned!

Another song is out and I love it so much. It brings out the sad emotions inside you and makes you feel so much. The music is so beautiful and the singer’s voice captures the emotions so right. Your heart aches because you can sense a feeling of longing in this song. Go give it a listen!

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