The Devil Judge Episode 9 – Human Greed Has No End!

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The Devil Judge episode 9 starts with a recap of all the things that have happened so far. It takes us to the beginning of The Devil Judge and brings us to the scene at the end of the previous episode. Kim Ga On telling his professor off and joining Kang Yo Han officially is monumental. Everything Kang Yo Han did to make this happen comes to fruition in The Devil Judge episode 9.

When Kim Ga On admits that he wants to fight against the corrupt world, the expression Kang Yo Han has makes you see how devious he is. He got the outcome he wanted and he achieved it using underhanded tactics but it does not matter now. On the other hand, Yoon Soo Hyun is facing a crazy violent group. I am thankful that Elijah has enough wits to call Kang Yo Han when she sees things escalating. Kang Yo Han and Kim Ga On are making their way towards her. While Yoon Soo Hyun can hold her ground against the men, Elijah gets attacked by one of them. It is hard for Yoon Soo Hyun to get to her as there are too many people between them.

Kim Ga On rushes forward to help Elijah and Kang Yo Han goes forward to deal with the guy whom Yoon Soo Hyun is facing. He is so enraged that he does not let him go and suffocates him. Yoon Soo Hyun calls out to Kang Yo Han pointing a gun asking him to stop. You can see Kim Ga On flustered here, he kind of approves Kang Yo Han’s methods now. But he also needs to make sure that Yoon Soo Hyun does not shoot him. Kang Yo Han lets the guy down and faces Yoon Soo Hyun. I wonder if eventually Kim Ga On will be presented with a choice where he has to choose one of them. It is like having the angel and devil on his shoulders. The choice is with him to whom should he listen.

Kang Yo Han takes Elijah home and he berates her for going out with Yoon Soo Hyun. This makes Elijah angry and she showcases her displeasure. Kim Ga On comes to talk with Kang Yo Han. He tells him that people need other people to survive. And he cannot keep Elijah always in a bubble wrap because she is a young girl who needs the attention. They both have a give-and-take relationship. While Kang Yo Han gives Kim Ga On the means to punish the corrupt people, he also takes things like life advice from him as we see in The Devil Judge episode 9. This helps Kang Yo Han become a better human.

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Jung Sun Ah is happy about her victory but she feels lonely celebrating it alone. A crazy idea sparks into her mind and she takes it forward with the help of the Chief Justice. As she is appointed on the Live Court Trial Committee, she decides that for promotion Photoshoot of the Judges is needed. Oh Jin Joo is excited about it but Kim Ga On does not agree with it. He believes that Judges should not be part of the media circus and do these promotions. Jung Sun Ah knows how to get things her way so Kang Yo Han gives in pretty easily. Though he does confront her later warning her that she might feel unpleasant about the counterattacks Kang Yo Han has in place.

Their interaction is so much fun to watch. They are not outright hostile to each other but are sending threats subtly. Kim Ga On learns that Jung Sun Ah is the maid that fell from the second floor due to Kang Yo Han. His reaction makes Kang Yo Han remember his brother. He thinks about how similar they both are in the context that they believe what they see. Most of us do that but Kang Yo Han has a deep sense of understanding that makes him see beyond what is presented.

In the flashback with his brother, we see that his brother asks him to not hurt innocent people and gives a cross-chain for him to remember the promise. Even though Kang Yo Han laughs at this notion in present and he states that no one is innocent. Through the cases, the people who work for him and his agenda to fight off the corrupt ones makes us see he is keeping the promise to his brother.

With a personality like Kang Yo Han’s, he could go either way. But he is on the right track albeit doing things that might not be right morally. Jung Sun Ah may have always had influence over things, Cha Kyung Hee realises. When the candidate for the president was selected years ago, she made sure to have a puppet up there. The one who is more inclined to do theatrics but does not come in between the real game. During the photoshoot, Jung Sun Ah pushes Kang Yo Han’s buttons. But I like how he just bears her presence with a smile on his face. Looks like Kang Yo Han already made plans to get even with her by giving away her information to Cha Kyung Hee.

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There is a fun scene in The Devil Judge episode 9 where we understand why Kang Yo Han forbids the housekeeper from making any food. It makes us realize that Kang Yo Han’s actions may come off as harsh. But they always have a good intent hidden behind them. I think Kim Ga On is slowly catching on to this point. The favorite thing out of this drama is the warmth we see when Kim Ga On, Kang Yo Han, and Elijah are together. They feel like a family and it just gives you such good feels when you see them together spending quality time.

I like that even amongst the craziness of the plot the writer gives us these pleasant scenes. Part of the reason what makes me watch The Devil Judge is to see these characters coming together and having a good time. It also puts across the point that along with fighting against corrupt people, you need to give time to what is important. Something you can go back to, something that makes everything worthwhile.

Kang Yo Han and the team is working out a plan so that they can get information regarding the con man who conned Kim Ga On’s parents. The lawyer on the team lets them know Cha Kyung Hee’s secretary will have that information. The man working for Kang Yo Han makes sure to get the secretary. Surprisingly Kim Ga On offers to help in the questioning. I like how Kang Yo Han looks at him, he likes Kim Ga On proactively taking part in their little side investigation. But when the time comes Kim Ga On’s attempts to make the secretary talk fails.

Kang Yo Han steps in and gives his twist to the questioning making the secretary give away the details. It is delightful to see Kang Yo Han working. He knows how to get things done. Kang Yo Han tells Kim Ga On that it is more painful to lose what you already have when it comes to humans. And that is something he should remember.

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With the address in hand, they both go to check it out. Seeing the con man living decently with his family shakes Kim Ga On. He wants his revenge and he wants to get it now. But Kang Yo Han is the one who holds him back and tells him they need the con man as bait to handle Cha Kyung Hee. We see Kim Ga On struggling with this notion. Kang Yo Han even reminds him of Yoon Soo Hyun which prompts him to meet her. He asks her what will be her reaction if he does something bad. Honestly, it is scary to think Kim Ga On going to the dark side. But the anger he has inside him, the need for revenge drives him to act irrationally in The Devil Judge episode 9.

Kim Ga On goes to confront the con man and he almost gets ready to kill him. Surprisingly the con man asks him to kill and apologizes for his past actions. He mentions Cha Kyung Hee took the money. When it looks like Kim Ga On will succeed in strangling him, that person’s family members come to rescue him. Just seeing them plead for the con man’s life makes Kim Ga On hesitate in his actions. He is beyond frustrated because he feels like the man has changed but that only makes it harder for him to execute his revenge. He says how that person has no right to feel guilty because that makes him not want to kill him. Human emotions are so complex.

Kang Yo Han shows up, he takes away the con man out of the house and locks the family members inside. Then he proceeds to tell that person that all the money hidden is taken out and shows him the stack of money. This turn of events shocks Kim Ga On. Kang Yo Han then sets fire to the house where the family members are trapped, as well as the money stack. This pulls Kim Ga On into action as he goes to save the people in the house. But Kang Yo Han holds on to him and makes him look at the con man. We see how that man runs towards the money on fire but not towards the house where his family is. He tries to save his money from the fire. When he realizes the money stacked up there is fake, he laughs maniacally.

Seeing this Kim Ga On is in full shock because he almost got pulled into an emotional battle because of that man. The one working for Kang Yo Han helps the family out. After they realize what happened they walk away from the scene. Kim Ga On feels rage coursing through his body and he goes ahead to attack that man. But then he stops and throws away the blade he carried. He tells Kang Yo Han they need that man as bait and it will be far more helpful to use him like that. With Kang Yo Han’s help, Kim Ga On gives away the actual money to all the families scammed by the con man. A new song comes up in this episode, and it is fantastic. Love the vibes, cannot wait for it to release.

Kang Yo Han is good at what he does. He is sneaky and he presents every scene in such a way that gives him the outcome he desires. He knew Kim Ga On will not be able to let go of his anger also that he is too soft to go through things. With the scene, he orchestrated he showed how humans hardly change once they are greedy for something. He also made Kim Ga On realize that uncalculated moves will not get him anywhere. Well played on the part of Kang Yo Han. Gets me excited for the coming episodes!

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