The Devil Judge Episode 15 – Pure Perfection, Completely Brutal!

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My mind is legitimately blown after watching The Devil Judge episode 15 because wow. It’s such a contrast but the feelings that I have after watching it are How wicked that was. And in the same breath, I am thinking, It is excellent. The things that unravel in this episode, I did not see them coming at all. The ending is painful, it wrecks your heart. But we do finally know now the reason behind the Church Fire in the past. So let’s get into it!

The Devil Judge episode 15 starts with Kim Ga On making a statement before the press about how the live court trials are fake. He does not give any more information but the professor takes the stand and he starts talking about doing an investigation into Kang Yo Han. If found guilty with evidence they will remove him from the Judge’s position. Kang Yo Han does not comment on this but he ends the live trial of Kim Choong Sik. Kim Choong Sik is lucky that Kim Ga On’s conscience helped him out. Honestly, he needs to be aware that his president did not save him. But I doubt he has the mental capacity to understand that the power was not cut down by the orders of the president.

The President has become a horrifying character. He has no qualms about doing questionable things. When he talks about how he had prepared to kill Kim Choong Sik if he opened his mouth, even the other members of the foundation are uncomfortable with it. His thoughts are getting out of hand and there is no putting stop it. He revels in the position he has and the power that backs him up to do anything he wants. If you noticed his speeches have always been so passionate and we were led to believe that is because he is acting. But looks like he has taken the role seriously and is too immersed in it at this point.

Kim Ga On has a serious expression, even when he is talking to Oh Jin Joo about Kang Yo Han he is not insisting on the facts. He does not add anything more to what he already said. I like that he is not happy about what he did. When he sits down to write information against Kang Yo Han, his mind takes him back to every time Kang Yo Han was brutally honest with him. The words Kang Yo Han speaks are harsh but they have so much truth packed them. Kim Ga On seems to be struggling with his decision.

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On the other hand, Kang Yo Han also is wondering where he went wrong? He thinks how again the world will call him a monster. And he too thinks back to his moments with Kim Ga On. He says he chose the fastest way and it shows that he is doing what he thinks is right. And the only way he knows how to do it. Yes, his ways are not morally correct but when the world has never given him a break why should he try to stay in line? Kim Ga On comes to talk with Kang Yo Han, he tells him how he realized Kang Yo Han did not care about making Kim Choong Sik talk, he was alright with him dying. Because he wanted death to be on the conscience of the people.

This is an interesting revelation and it also makes so much sense. Kang Yo Han needs an ally here who will back him up when things get tough. Since the start of the drama, people have always been his ally. He had to manipulate them and arrange some theatrics but they have always supported him. But he also noticed that their support is fickle like the president states. Their loyalty is not constant. So to make things stick, make the people’s support unwavering he arranged this trial where they choose to give death to a person. And when you make such a choice you always want to think you are doing right so no matter what they will support Kang Yo Han because they want to believe they are doing right. This is devious but so clever that you can’t help but appreciate it.

The Devil Judge Episode 15

Now reeling under Yoon Soo Hyun’s death he is in a vulnerable position and wants to hold onto the moral ground for her. You know the president’s ambitions are getting scarier when even his wife feels uncomfortable about the way he talks. I like Elijah’s character a lot, she cares about Kang Yo Han even with the suspicion of him killing her father in her head. She can never know for sure and he is the only one who has been there for her always. So in a way, the affection is a result of coexisting with each other. We have seen how much Elijah means to Kang Yo Han so I like that she shows her concern for him.

One silver lining from Kim Ga On jumping ships is his strong belief that Kang Yo Han is not responsible for Yoon Soo Hyun’s death. Even if he talked against Kang Yo Han he has the utmost trust that Kang Yo Han will not do this. It shows the strength of their bond and how Kim Ga On understands Kang Yo Han. The foundation members meet up and the President is going off about revolution and taking charge. When I was watching this scene from this episode, I almost had a giddy sense of excitement because I could feel what was coming. It is high time that Jung Sun Ah puts this man in his place and by her expressions you know she is going to do just that.

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The Devil Judge Episode 15

This is beautiful, I love it. It is a treat to see her in action when she puts other people who are not Kang Yo Han in their place. The peanut gallery is bumping fists while Jung Sun Ah does her thing, the way the scene is set up in The Devil Judge episode 15 is so good. I like how she takes charge and then shows him who is the real boss here. The other members of the foundation support her as she already got them on her side. It was easy enough as the president was becoming a frantic personality and the other members do not want to handle this mess. I have been waiting for this to happen since the president went off the rails and they delivered it so well.

The Devil Judge Episode 15

The different layers to Jung Sun Ah are always intriguing. After everything, she has the gall to meet up with Kang Yo Han and ask him to join her side. The way she is so obsessed with him has to be her downfall. Kang Yo Han breaks away from her and gives her a reality check that no matter what she acquires she will never get him. She seems hurt by his statement because the feelings she has for him are true. Part of me felt like what if they join hands even momentarily? But I think the split second this thought popped up is because of Kim Min Jung who plays Jung Sun Ah so well. Her emotions hit you and even if it is crazy you want to give her a small chance in that moment of this episode.

Looking at Kang Yo Han alone sitting restlessly makes you feel he has no more moves to play. What else could he do now? He goes to give his statement before the press. He accepts that he is a criminal and he apologizes for it. Kang Yo Han lets people know that despite being a judge he crossed the line because he feels the law is powerless before the power. People watching this resonate with it, I think we all do. The way he is so authentic and he just puts forward his thoughts saying he wanted selfishly to take revenge and punish the bad guys in any way possible and that’s why he did not hesitate to do what he did. It is so true and it feels like wow he is completely honest and truthful.

You are moved by the emotions that come forth after listening to him speak. But what makes me break out into the biggest smile ever is the next scene of this episode. Kang Yo Han resigns from his post and he gets out of the building. Oh Jin Joo and the broadcasting head meet up there along with other people and the press. He tells them that he is thankful for their good work and gets into his car. And then you hear it, the words- Kang Yo Han for President. The best soundtrack ever plays and Kang Yo Han is breaking into a smile. Honestly, I am floored because I was genuinely swept away in the emotions. Somehow I did not doubt him at all when he was talking about why he did what he did because it was true.

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The thing that we forgot is he does not care for emotions and he was emotional in front of the camera which means he had an agenda that succeeded. Kudos to the writer who wrote Kang Yo Han’s character because being able to fool the viewers at the end of the drama even when they know the character is commendable. He pulled it off so well and the soundtrack just makes you chuckle. It makes you think what were you even doing getting all emotional, Of course, this man is making a move here. I love it. It was the best part of The Devil Judge episode 15.

The professor hands Kim Ga On Yoon Soo Hyun’s police diary which leads him to Jung Joseph the man she was looking for. It is bittersweet to see Kim Ga On tracing Yoon Soo Hyun’s path while this beautiful song called The Nights plays. The Ost The Devil Judge has is so on point that it amplifies the experience of watching certain scenes in the drama. He meets up with the guy who handled the CCTV at the church. The guy tells him that Kang Yo Han forbid him from showing anyone the CCTV footage and told him to delete it. But he kept a copy which later Kang Yo Han’s man took after torturing him.

In the pursuit of Kang Yo Han’s man, Kim Ga On finds the location with the help of the professor. When he goes into the house he comes across someone kneeling over a dead body. But the person gets away before he could catch up. After seeing the face of the dead body he realizes it is the same person who killed Yoon Soo Hyun. And then he checks the phone in the body’s pocket where there are a bunch of missed calls named YH. This is so shady but when Kim Ga On calls the number it is Kang Yo Han’s voice that comes through.

It is so obvious that it is a planted evidence. But Kim Ga On is not in the right frame of mind. Seeing is believing as they say so with this evidence he comes to a horrifying realization. It is painful to see him break down because it is so real. He is hurting and he cannot believe that his trust has been broken. The person he loved got killed because of another person he trusted. A lot of mental strain and a lot of anger is coursing through his body.

Kim Ga On confronts Kang Yo Han with a knife. Kang Yo Han holds the knife in his palm and asks him to not do something he will regret. This action reminds him of Yoon Soo Hyun. How many times have we seen Kim Ga On reaching the wrong conclusion ? And Kang Yo Han showing him it is not what he thinks. But this man does not learn.

The Devil Judge Episode 15

Kim Ga On is blaming Kang Yo Han. But he also feels a little strung out because he wants to believe Kang Yo Han. Just as we think Kang Yo Han is getting through to him, the professor shows up with armed forces. God, I want to throttle his character. He is getting on my nerves honestly and I cannot believe he ruined Kang Yo Han’s moment. Kang Yo Han is in handcuffs and a lot of things happen to follow up after that. Jung Sun Ah makes an appearance with her lackey and she delivers a killer blow.

She points out how Kim Ga On looking like Kang Yo Han’s brother is a coincidence. But him being in the presence of Kang Yo Han is not. It looks like the professor was in it all along and he was working for Jung Sun Ah. Wow, I am truly floored. This man preaching about morals and high grounds is actually in cahoots with Jung Sun Ah since the start. That is a horrible realization. But does it seem weird that it makes me despise him a little less? Knowing that he is evil for whatever reason but he was not a good guy annoys me less than him being one. Because now his actions have a purpose and they make sense in the grander scheme.

Though Kim Ga On’s expressions break your heart because he could have never imagined this happening. Jung Sun Ah talks about how Kim Ga On is a weakness she put on Kang Yo Han’s path to make him vulnerable. Hearing this he comes to a startling realization. He also figures out that Jung Sun Ah is the reason Yoon Soo Hyun is dead. If you recall watching Jung Sun Ah meet with Kang Yo Han in The Devil Judge episode 15, the first thing she says is are you going to take revenge for her death. It made me wonder whether the subtitles were wrong. Because as far as we knew she killed the man who was working for Kang Yo Han. So who is ‘her’ in this question she asks? But now it all makes sense.

It is brilliant how Jung Sun Ah plays such an evident role in Kim Ga On’s life and is responsible for the death of someone he loves. The drama so far did a good job in making her only Kang Yo Han’s enemy. It felt like she and Kim Ga On have no connection. So I always wondered if Kim Ga On will see her real face for what she did to Kang Yo Han. But the writer took this one step ahead and chillingly showed him Jung Sun Ah’s real face.

The revelations also make you finally see her as the villain she is. Kang Yo Han never outwardly acted against her until she did something. His focus was on the foundation and other people. So we were tricked into believing she is not the topmost enemy. But in The Devil Judge episode 15, we realize how wrong that is. She also shows Kim Ga On the truth behind the church fire. This scene is conducted so well, Kang Yo Han is struggling to not let the truth out. The pain in his voice and the shocking face of Kim Ga On when he sees the truth is heartbreaking. And when we get to know the truth, it only gets sadder.

Kang Yo Han

The truth is simple yet so frightening because it brings out so so many realizations. Elijah was the reason the church caught fire. Kang Yo Han protected this secret from everyone for her all these years. He took on the blame for being a murderer just so that Elijah would not have to face the truth. The devil word does not resonate with him anymore because Kang Yo Han is heartbreakingly human. To the extent that he did everything to protect his niece. Kim Ga On is shattered. Elijah makes an appearance and Jung Sun Ah makes a threat of letting her know the truth. But then asks Kang Yo Han to be taken away.

Kim Ga On’s emotions are going haywire because so much has happened for him. Back and forth reveals he got without a break has left him feeling too much in the end. The Devil Judge episode 15 ends with him saying I wanted to die. Well, I can understand where it is coming from because the manipulation he went through is insane. And I bet finding out the truth makes him feel bitter about himself. But this man needs to rise above this torment and save Kang Yo Han. If not him now, then who else will?

A part of me is glad that the next episode is coming right away and I can see what will happen. But another part of me wants a break, it wants to sit in these revelations because they are a lot to take in. Thinking how Jung Sun Ah’s toxic feelings are the reason for her to step into Kang Yo Han’s life and doing all this makes me sad. I am seeing Kang Yo Han in a new light after finding the truth behind the church fire. We know that he cares. But his actions stemmed from something so pure that he wanted to protect Elijah astounds me.

And Kim Ga On, that man does not get a break. He lost the person he loves, someone he genuinely thought of as a good person was not one. And the one man he suspected turned out to be almost an angel in the end. Reflecting on his actions after this truth will be hard for him. But he is the only hope Kang Yo Han has so we better see him in action. No more words, I am going to hope we get a satisfying ending to the drama because expectations are high now!

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