The Devil Judge Episode 13 – What A Shocking Ending, High Intensity

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I cannot stop thinking about the ending of The Devil Judge episode 13. The writer of The Devil Judge is playing with our hearts and minds. From start to end, The Devil Judge episode 13 was a rollercoaster that brought out all kinds of emotions while watching it. I thought the previous one was pretty good but this takes the cake. Things are so intense here, buckle up everyone, take a deep breath, and let’s dive into it!

Just looking at his informant who is most likely dead makes him realize how much he lost. Kang Yo Han completely lost at whatever game they were playing and you can hear the pain in his scream. He climbs down the stairs to get to the body. He also calls up Yoon Soo Hyun asking her to save Kim Ga On. Then he walks towards his informant and talks about how both of their lives included so much suffering. He genuinely cared about this guy and in a way, he is responsible for his death. He is as affected as Kang Yo Han could be for someone who worked for him all these years. Because of his wound, he falls beside him and then calls Elijah. But she does not pick up.

He tears up, maybe thinking about her or maybe thinking about how he did not get to finish what he started. Even when he is in excruciating pain, he has a calculating face. On the other hand, we see Kim Ga On trying to run away from the goons attacking him. Thankfully, Yoon Soo Hyun comes in time to save him. It looks like the foundation is picking off Kang Yo Han’s team one by one. Each member of his team are attacked but the lawyer and police chief are able to get away. Though the young girl gets kidnapped. It seems saving Kim Ga On from a dire situation has melted all the anger Yoon Soo Hyun had regarding Cha Kyung Hee’s death. She irks me when she does not let Kim Ga On know that Kang Yo Han was the one who told her about his location.

But I do understand where she is coming from. According to her Kang Yo Han is a bad influence so she wants Kim Ga On to do as little as possible with him. Anyways it does not matter as the rescue for Kang Yo Han came in the form of the lawyer and police chief from his team. We see in Kang Yo Han’s subconscious his informant is the one who is urging him to wake up. I feel a tad bit sad about that character’s death. He was so loyal to Kang Yo Han also seemed to understand the workings of his mind perfectly. The lawyer lets him know they were attacked and the girl is missing.

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Kang Yo Han asks them to find her and he goes home to check on Elijah. He calls her and lets her know to not let anyone in. But when he reaches home he finds Elijah sitting with Jung Sun Ah talking amiably. The control he has over his expressions and his actions are flawless. After what happened, sitting in front of Jung Sun Ah and acting as if nothing is amiss is so hard. But he manages it so well. She threatens him subtly with Elijah’s life. Still, he does not let his emotions take over his actions. He appears to be calm and collected while I can bet there is chaos brewing inside his head.

This is why Kang Yo Han’s character is so special. After Jung Sun Ah leaves the house, he hugs Elijah and lets her know he is alright. And that is the truest emotion we get out of him. We see Yoon Soo Hyun is taking care of Kim Ga On’s wounds. He apologizes to her for his actions. She lets him know that all she wants is for him to be safe and away from the things that can hurt him. He talks about how he feels he does not deserve her and we see their feelings towards each other come out in The Devil Judge episode 13.

The Devil Judge Episode 13

The Foundation members meet up to celebrate their win. They have everything in their control and things are working out for them. Even Kang Yo Han cannot harm their plans because of Jung Sun Ah. Suddenly Oh Jin Joo makes her appearance and enquires about the emergency state and the virus affecting the people. The foundation members respond sarcastically and you can see it grates on Jung Sun Ah’s nerves. Even though she is all for using Oh Jin Joo but the way the other male members behave gets on her mind. She lets Oh Jin Joo know that she will be the presiding Judge now.

Kang Yo Han watches the news where the President is making a statement about the plague in the slum area and the virus they need to contain. This brings up everything that has happened so far with Kang Yo Han, all the things that went wrong. He completely breaks down under the impact of the situations he faced and all the people that got hurt. As the president states that they will win no matter what, Kang Yo Han rises with a resolute face. He thinks about the promise to his brother. The one he made to not hurt any innocent person. He apologizes to his brother in his mind for breaking the promise.

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The Devil Judge Episode 13

Kim Ga On gives a reality check to Oh Jin Joo about what is exactly happening out there. He lets her know the foundation is corrupt and they are lying about the virus. Even with his insistence, she does not seem to believe him. I think it’s harder for her to even question something like this because that means she needs to accept she did something heavily wrong. Kim Ga On calls up Kang Yo Han to check up on him but Kang Yo Han asks about his well-being and then hangs up. It seems he went to meet the president, to give him one final warning to call off everything.

The President has no care in the world. He has all the files Cha Kyung Hee collected and Jung Sun Ah assured him that she took care of Kang Yo Han’s associates. So he feels confident about facing off with Kang Yo Han. The government is simply taking the easy way out by announcing the virus so they can clear off the people from there. And can start the redevelopment for their dream project. Kang Yo Han questions the legitimacy of the virus. The president asks him to not reach for too much when he has nothing in his hands. He reminds him that the popularity Kang Yo Han has is fickle.

Still, Kang Yo Han’s confidence and his parting words shake him up a little bit. Oh Jin Joo decides to do her investigation and visits the place where the virus outbreak is. She witnesses people being dragged away and beaten. And also notices it does not look like a virus containment zone. This shocks her to the core. I am glad her character’s conscience is still intact.

The Devil Judge Episode 13

Yoon Soo Hyun finds a lead on Kang Yo Han’s past. We finally find out the reason behind Kim Ga On’s hesitance when it comes to his relationship with Yoon Soo Hyun in The Devil Judge episode 13. It is because he does not want to lose her as a best friend, he does not want what they already have to get sullied by the relationship drama. But then he confesses his love and lets her know that he has decided to go with it. Choose to acknowledge his feelings and act on them. It is beautiful to see Yoon Soo Hyun so happy about it and their relationship finally growing. This little bit of happiness is something Kim Ga On surely deserves in his life.

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The President is overly worried about Kang Yo Han’s threat. Even though it looks like they are winning, he stills want to take care of Kang Yo Han. Jung Sun Ah implies that they can take away his stage so he has no power and is simply resigned to be a common man. This brings forth a press conference where the president announces the disband of live court trials and introduces the Emergency court. He states the emergency court will handle the cases and Oh Jin Joo will be leading it. This shocks Kim Ga On, he tells Yoon Soo Hyun that they need Kang Yo Han’s help to handle this. Yoon Soo Hyun is not okay with it but Kim Ga On insists on trusting Kang Yo Han for this.

I think trust and Kang Yo Han in one sentence is a bit too much. After everything that has happened, he will move forward without second thoughts. This could mean his ways are not morally right also can hurt others around him. Kang Yo Han seems to be planning something big with the lawyer on his team. Kim Ga On meets up with Kang Yo Han and asks him to do something. He does not even know half of what Kang Yo Han has been through. I wonder if the writers will make sure that Kim Ga On will know about everything that transpired. For him to be aware though he needs to see Jung Sun Ah for who is then only things will make sense to him.

Oh Jin Joo meets up with the broadcasting owner and talks him into arranging a broadcast so that she can give a speech to the public. She says that she wants Kim Ga On and Kang Yo Han sitting behind her so people know she is taking the reins now. You can see she is playing an act to get what she wants which is the broadcast approval. Then we see she manages to make Kang Yo Han accept this and they roll out for the broadcast. On the other hand, Yoon Soo Hyun in her search finally finds the man she is looking for to get information into Kang Yo Han’s past.

The judges and the broadcast team are on the road to the location. It seems that they brought the broadcast team to show what is happening in the area where the supposed virus broke. Then we realize that Oh Jin Joo’s actions are part of Kang Yo Han’s plan. Also, the lawyer breaks into the broadcasting station building and takes control over the main room. Kang Yo Han always manages to surprise us with the way his mind works. After seeing the cruelty, the broadcasting head is ready to record everything for them. They manage to get to a place that is uplifted and is in the middle of the area. The police chief helps them out by making sure their location is secure and stands on guard.

The Devil Judge Episode 13

All the cameras are placed, the judges take their position and Kang Yo Han starts talking. Everything is beautifully done. If you take the stage away then we can create our own. That’s the mood Kang Yo Han is going with and we love it. Defeat is not in his dictionary and after all that happened he comes out strong by putting this play into action. Thanks to the lawyer’s part, everything is broadcasted on TV and people are shocked by what they see.

The president is chewing the broadcasting owner out and he is going crazy. He tells his lackeys to call Kim Choong Sik and let him know to get rid of Kang Yo Han. Kang Yo Han is coming off strong letting the people know how the government is lying to them. And showing them the real truth behind the supposed virus outbreak. Kim Choong Sik is furious to see Kang Yo Han. The other goons start throwing stones and things at the judges. One hits Kim Ga On and Kang Yo Han immediately rushes towards him. More than concern I feel he wants to get the best footage out there to the viewers so the public feels emotional.

Yoon Soo Hyun notices Kim Ga On’s bleeding forehead on the broadcast and rushes off to him. After the nighttime hits, Kim Choong Sik gets brave and throws a rock hitting Kang Yo Han. This enrages the public subdued there. An old man comes forward to push Kim Choong Sik away. But then this makes him beat the old man. Kang Yo Han sees this with a struggling emotion, I think he is waiting for the others to come in aid of the old man. Kim Choong Sik keeps calling Kang Yo Han down. Kim Ga On and Oh Jin Joo are horrified with what is happening. Seeing this cruelty from someone who the president appointed leaves a bad impression on the government.

The president realizes things are getting out of hand and he asks to shut down all electricity. Desperate times require desperate measures. The tables have completely turned now. With the electricity down, people cannot watch it on their TVs. But it looks like it is still live on the Dike app. Kang Yo Han suddenly pulls out his phone flashlight and raises it. Seeing him the other judges do it too and like a chain reaction all the subdued people down there pick up their phones turn on their flashlights. Kim Choong Sik laughs about this, he wonders what can this accomplish. Just when I am thinking the same thing Kang Yo Han signals to the broadcasting head.

The brilliance of his plan comes out to play when we see there are lights behind him that turn on just when he says ‘ Darkness cannot beat the light.’ It is a powerful saying and very moving with the way he timed everything so correctly. With the help of flashlights the people down there have come together and now they are so inspired that they take on the goons hurting them. Together they fight them and everything plays out as Kang Yo Han envisioned. Kang Yo Han’s motto should be The world is my stage. Because he can pull such dramatic things off in the most inspiring way. In another drama or maybe with a different character these actions would have teared you up making you feel emotional.

But knowing Kang Yo Han in The Devil Judge you can see the manipulation behind everything in The Devil Judge episode 13. Rather than making you emotional, it makes you feel awe for the expertise of Kang Yo Han. It is a different kind of thrill and we love it. It looks like Kim Choong Sik was able to get away so that means we will see him in future episodes. He has a huge grudge against Kang Yo Han so he will take revenge. As the judges are getting ready to leave the place, Yoon Soo Hyun gets down from her car. She calls out to Kim Ga On and excitedly runs towards him but in the next moment gets shot in the chest. This is completely out of the blue.

Everyone is in shock, the broadcast team is hiding, the police chief runs after the attacker.
Oh Jin Joo looks horrified and Kang Yo Han seems shocked too. Looking at Kim Ga On breaks your heart because that man lost all his life with that one single shot. He holds Yoon Soo Hyun in his arms and cries for help. It is tragic how she is looking up at him making sure that he is alright. I think that sums up her love for him and it is just sad.


She is not my favorite character and I have to admit I struggled with her actions. But thinking about the impact of this on Kim Ga On is scary. It could go either way, he could go completely berserk and do questionable things in revenge. Or he can choose to follow what Yoon Soo Hyun wanted and not engage in bad things. Also I wonder what this means when it comes to the information she acquired from the man she was looking for. Hopefully she kept a recording so Kim Ga On can come across it.

I love how the The Devil Judge episode 13 gives us a shocking death and then adds to the shock factor by making us see the characters’ reactions to it. Kang Yo Han’s reaction to Yoon Soo Hyun dying feels wrong. Who was the attacker trying to aim at? She was kind of closer in the line of sight of Kang Yo Han, but still away from him that if the attacker wanted to aim at Kang Yo Han it should not have hit her. Looking at Kang Yo Han’s reaction though, a scary thought pops up what if he orchestrated this? Though Yoon Soo Hyung being there is a coincidence.

Still, Kang Yo Han is good at planning things ahead so he could have calculated Yoon Soo Hyun’s reaction if Kim Ga On was hurt on TV. A lot of things seem to have been left for chance. It does not look like Kang Yo Han to follow up on this kind of plan. Also, can he hurt Yoon Soo Hyun knowing how much she means to Kim Ga On? The answer is he can. But still, maybe Kang Yo Han’s expression is based on how he will use the unexpected death to forward his agenda. Rather than seeing the result of his supposedly cruel plan.

After everything, if Kang Yo Han ends up being responsible for Yoon Soo Hyun’s death then the whole relationship building with Kim Ga On would be for nothing. Honestly, I do not want the prospect of Kang Yo Han’s family staying intact as in Elijah and Kim Ga On to go away. That is the most special part of the drama. So we can hope the writer will not betray us like that. But with Kang Yo Han’s personality, we can never know. Hopefully, the next episode gives us some clear answers!

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