Light On Me K-Drama Review – Feel Good And Lights Up Your Soul!

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Light On Me K-Drama is a BL (Boys’ Love) genre drama that beautifully takes us on a journey of first love, friendships, and self-discovery. The main cast includes Lee Sae On, Kang Yoo Seok, Choe Chan Yi, Go Woo Jin. All of these actors do a fantastic job of portraying their characters and bringing joy to our hearts with the help of this drama. Light On Me K-Drama is available on Rakuten Viki.

Light On Me K-Drama


Light On Me K-Drama story is as follows: Woo Tae Kyung is an 18-year-old High school student who does not have any friends in life. He never felt the need to befriend anyone. But he comes across a teacher at his school who encourages him to get out of his comfort zone and lets him know that experiences are important be it good or bad. This propels him to join the School’s student council. There he meets people with whom he can form a bond. Though he also develops his first crush and you realize that there is a bit of a love triangle situation in this drama.

Let it not deter you because on the surface level it feels like this drama is about which boy will Woo Tae Kyung end up with. But when you watch it you will realize it is so much more than that. All the characters have such a good storyline. Through them and their actions, we learn a lot of things.


Woo Tae Kyung
Woo Tae Kyung is a loner and you would expect him to be soft-spoken and hold back when he speaks. The surprising thing is he does not. He handles things adequately and takes a stand for himself when required. I liked this part of his personality that he is new to making friends but he does not let anyone walk over him. Woo Tae Kyung is open to trying out things and is so honest about his feelings. He goes through certain tough situations but he bounces back so well. His personality is pure and you just want to protect this character from everything bad. The contrast in Woo Tae Kyung’s character is so likable that he is soft and calm but he also has a tough side to him. I think that made things very interesting.

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Noh Shin Woo
Noh Shin Woo is the vice president of the Student Council. He comes off as this rude guy who hates Woo Tae Kyung for no reason whatsoever. But when things get clearer and you understand why is he acting the way he is, you appreciate his character so much more. I remember when I saw the trailer I thought he was the one who will be a tough person but the drama shows you another story. Noh Shin Woo is so sweet.

He just is confused about how to make the first move and that awkwardness leads to him coming off rough. It was fun to see the layers of his character getting peeled as we move forward in the drama. And we get to see an honest side of his where he finally comes out of his shell and is confident about doing things.

Shin Da On
Shin Da On is a very interesting character. He is likable and is overly good to everyone. He is the president of the Student Council and takes Woo Tae Kyung under his wing. I say his character is interesting because you see him always doing things for other people. Also, his motto is what is good is good. It kind of gets exhausting to see him giving away so much of himself without a second thought. Because he is so nice to everyone, people like him. It feels good to be liked but is he the person he showcases to others? When we get to know about his family, a lot of things make sense.

Namgoong Siwoon
Namgoong is my favorite character. He is part of the Student council and he is friends with Shin Da On and Noh Shin Woo. He has such an important presence in this drama. His character cracks you up brings you the comic relief you need while you stress about which couple is the endgame. And what’s special about him is, he is also so wise. He is not just a fun guy in the group but also the glue that holds them together. I love how carefully he puts his words across. When you have three of your friends who are struggling with their feelings about each other, it feels a bit hard to be in a position to give them advice. But Namgoong does it so well, I am so proud of him.

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Lee So Hee
Lee So Hee is from the Saebit Girls High School. She hangs out with the boys from the Student Council of Saebit Boys High School. Lee So Hee has a huge crush on Shin Da On and that is the reason she spends her time mostly at the Saebit Boys High School. You are likely to get annoyed with her character at first. Her strong liking towards Shin Da On makes her do questionable things.

Seo Haet Bit
Seo Haet Bit is a school teacher at Saebit Boys High School. He is the best teacher anyone could have. He helps his students out and gives out sage advice. His presence gives the students the push they need. I like that his character brings positivity to this drama and leaves us with an assuring impact that things will be alright.


The Friendship theme of Light On Me K-Drama brings forth such warm honest feelings. Noh Shin Woo, Shin Da On, and Namgoong Siwoon have always been friends with each other. The new experiences they encounter after Woo Tae Kyung joins puts their friendship to the test. But it prevails beautifully. Noh Shin Woo and Shin Da On are love rivals but the mature way they handle the situation and are so careful about it, I love it. There are no bad feelings towards each other, they choose to focus on their love and the person they love. There are no dirty plays at hand and it is refreshing.

Namgoong Siwoon is a saint because he can survive and stay sane when all his friends are in a complicated love situation. He does it so effortlessly and it does not feel like he is leaving anyone behind. He also is a true friend to Woo Tae Kyung and helps him out to sort his feelings out. And he always stands up for his friends. He is a beautiful soul and an embodiment of friendship. After Woo Tae Kyung joins the council and they welcome him in, it is sweet to see their friendship blossoming. Also, the end of the drama showcases the friendship between the characters in an admirable way. You just love the bond the characters have with each other irrespective of the love situation.

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Relationship – Which team are you?

The first thing everyone hops on while watching the drama is which couple to ship. Which team are you on? Whom do you want Woo Tae Kyung to end up with? For someone who watched the drama while it was ongoing, I would say do not google the answer. Find it for yourself in episode 16 of Light On Me. If you think it’s cruel that the choice does not happen till the end of the drama, then let me tell you how wrong you are. Kudos to the writer and team of Light On Me because they did a phenomenal job of showing us a very mature take on the love triangle. It is not toxic at all and does not feel one-sided. It has been beautifully done where you go back and forth and it would not hurt if Woo Tae Kyung ends with either of them.

The characters are created so well, the personal growth in them that we see while they handle this love situation makes you appreciate each of them. Woo Tae Kyung likes Shin Da On, and they have a caring relationship. Shin Da On acts with his feelings which are obvious but he is not aware of them. Woo Tae Kyung basks in the love he gets from Shin Da On. Noh Shin Woo likes Woo Tae Kyung, he is hesitant about it at first but then he allows himself to grow into the confidence of taking care of the person he likes. Woo Tae Kyung has more of a sweet relationship with Shin Da On but the sparks fly too when he is with Noh Shin Woo.

You should let the drama take you on this kind of nerve-wracking journey about who will be the endgame. It is not stressful because there are other aspects to the drama that you enjoy while you are going back and forth on the relationship part. It is completely fun to keep second-guessing if the ship you love will sail or not.

What did I like about Light On Me K-Drama?

Namgoong Siwoon – My man! He is the captain of our favorite ship. When you will watch the drama you will know what I am talking about. He is so precious every time this character comes on the screen you can’t help but love him. The way he does little things which helps in pushing the right ship in motion and then takes care of the others who are left behind is too good to watch. His character is the heart of the drama and I am genuinely in so much love with him. He is so unproblematic, the way he lets people lean on him by bringing his cheery side just warms your heart. He is the reason to rewatch this drama because his scenes are just so on point.

I like the drama focuses on the growth of the characters. They go through hurtful situations and it brings the best of them at the end. I like how we see two different sides when it comes to loving someone from the same gender. Noh Shin Woo despite his hesitancy in making any move on Woo Tae Kyung, is comfortable with his sexuality. While Shin Da On has a strong personality like he is accepting of others but when it comes to himself he struggles with it. So this difference in them handling their sexuality with their respective personalities was intriguing to watch.

There are a lot of fun and cute scenes, where the whole cast is together and brings forth good vibes. Those scenes are always fun to watch. The ending was very adorable and very satisfying and lights up your heart honestly. It is beautiful and made me glad that I picked this drama to watch.

Issues with Light On Me K-Drama!

I would say Lee So Hee’s character could be an issue for a lot of people. Her actions to protect her love are misguided and end up hurting others. It might also even be the reason for changing the course of a character who could have gotten a different ending if it was not her. But then she redeems herself. It shows us how she is not evil but she was overpowered by the emotions and selfishly acted without thinking too much. I would say be patient with this character and look out for her scenes with Namgoong Siwoon. Their dynamic is hilarious and almost makes you like her when you see her through his eyes.


These two songs from Light On Me K-Drama are part of the soundtrack and they both are so good. Can’t help but groove to them.

One is Spark by A.C.E, I love the fun beats it has, and like the drama’s name, it has proper lighting you up feeling. So it goes pretty well with the drama.

The other one is Fever by Mook, the music is so beautiful. It speaks the feeling of someone who has a crush has discovered their first love and wanting to be with that person. It’s a proper cute love song that adds up to your experience of seeing the characters finding their first love.


Go right this second and start watching the drama! Trust me you do not want to miss it. A completely fun experience that will crack you up, make you love the characters, and adore the friendship they have with each other. Also, the cast is so beautiful in the sense that just seeing them together makes your heart feel good. The interesting part is the drama ends on a happy note but with a hint of season 2 coming and that is so exciting!

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