Mouse K-Drama Episode 11 Leaving Goosebumps In Its Wake!

Mouse K-Drama comes back this week with a special episode that included actors’ interviews followed by Episode 11 making our jaws drop!

Episode 11 – Heart in my throat episode!

This drama never fails to shake me to the core. We see an interesting past meeting. It happens between the kid who is believed to be Sung Yo Han and another kid who is shown as caring and wanting to take care of others. Could officer Jung be this new kid? Honestly, you can’t say for sure. The only confirmation we got that the kid with the mouse in Officer Jung’s memories is not him is from his aunt. And this episode leaves the aunt’s character in a suspicious light. There’s something hidden from us that is not new when it comes to this drama. But that means you can’t be sure of any past assumptions.

I think this drama is going a good job of making the audience crazy. You don’t know what’s real what’s not? It’s placing us in Officer Jung’s shoes and taking us on the most confusing scariest ride ever. Ah, Daniel Lee is alive, and with that, we have so many questions. But it looks like there’s a different plot brewing with him back in the picture. He wants to make Officer Jung a Vigilante. There’s no going back for Officer Jung because of the brain he is currently carrying. So, Daniel asks him to use his killing urge for good, for getting rid of the psychopaths from this world.

Murder is an Addiction.

What if all of this is a ruse? What if things happened the way they did because someone planned all of it to gain the result we see now? Everything happening with Officer Jung, the fact that he got a killer’s brain inside him. Also, the fact that there are people like Daniel Lee and many more hidden characters who may benefit from this Vigilante path Officer Jung is supposed to take. We are missing so much information. But I guess that’s the bait the writer is using for the people to keep on watching Mouse k-drama episode 11.

We finally get to know Bong Yi’s past and it is heart-breaking. I like her character. The way she wants to take care of herself relies on herself and not on anybody else. Because she wanted to be prepared well for the next bad encounter. It’s like when you start relying on others you are immediately under a comfort zone which makes you soft. By being the way she is her character has come out strong on the other end and I am proud of her.

Mouse K-Drama Episode 11

It makes me rejoice in the fact that we have a ‘Killer Officer Jung’ who can take care of this psychopath in the most brutal way possible. I am all for justice and I like this part of the storyline. Sometimes you can’t depend on the law and bad people do get away. Also, we see Detective Ko getting a chance to blow Kang Duk Soo’s brains out, but he doesn’t. Because normal people cannot stomach killing a human no matter if he is good or bad. And that’s why we need Officer Jung who has a Psychopathic side to him now and can kill with no remorse. If he is only killing the bad guys, then that could be almost reasoned with Officer Jung’s own conscience.

Honestly, this Drama is creative, we all want Officer Jung to have redemption qualities because we are invested in him. But the way the drama takes us through scenes where you see Officer Jung almost losing his humanity, not for the right cause is scary. It shows you that You can’t get comfortable with the good Officer Jung, you never know when the switch can be flipped and he will do something unredeemable. I liked the ending of this episode, the way the last scene played out is impactful.

Mouse K-Drama Episode 11

After watching so far, I do sense a pattern when an episode ending shocks us we are likely to be taken back and shown the same scene in a new light in the coming episode.

After watching the special episode, you see the actors relating the drama name Mouse to the test subjects, the lab rats used for experiments. Knowing this now, I have a sinking suspicion that yes things are not how they seem. But the drama may not just be about who is the real killer? Maybe its real concept lies within the idea of experiments conducted surrounding psychopathic people.

Honestly, This Drama makes your head spin. Always unpredictable and expect the unexpected! I bet so many theories are spiraling in our heads after what we watched. It’s a good thing we have time to calm our nerves so we can get ready for explosive episodes ahead!

New Episodes come every Wednesday and Thursday! You can watch Mouse K-Drama Episode 11 on Rakuten Viki.
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