Mouse K-Drama Episode 15: Lee Seung Gi’s acting giving you the chills!

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Mouse K-Drama Episode 15 has to be my favorite one and it’s all thanks to Lee Seung Gi. Wow, what a thriller, anxiety-inducing episode this was. Knowing something, suspecting something is way different than actually seeing it happen. This episode removes the illusion of Officer Jung being the kind soul we almost got fooled into believing.

Mouse K-Drama Episode 15 with Father Ko’s murder scene where it’s Officer Jung talking to the Almighty saying how he will judge anyone who believes in God. He holds a massive grudge against God for not helping him out as a kid. The scenes overlap between Officer Jung and his younger self showing God what he is responsible for.

I am the Predator. I was the Predator.

Mouse K-Drama Episode 15Mouse K-Drama Episode 15

Quite a few times we have seen Officer Jung as the killer. But in our memories Officer Jung was always a pure soft-hearted man before his brain surgery. As the hauntedly terrifying memories of Officer Jung come to light, we see beyond the illusion that was created. Every moment where it felt like we made a connection with Officer Jung or it helped us see his human side gets sullied with a dark reality. Officer Jung played everyone for a fool in a brilliant manner.

Detective Ko finds out that the knife used to kill Kang Duk Soo was taken from the Evidence room. It makes him think the killer could be an insider. As he further investigates it, he sees the OZ tattoo guy who had hit him on the head. The tattoo guy seems to be inside the police station on the day Kang Duk Soo was murdered.

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It’s too hard for the current Officer Jung to accept all of it. It looks like his heart is breaking and overwhelming with guilt. This personality trait now we know comes from Sung Yo Han. When the time comes for him to meet Chi Kook who came out of the coma, he feels scared. But surprisingly Chi Kook acts as nothing happened. It made me wonder if it was because of Daniel getting to him first. Maybe Daniel asked him to not share the secret so their plan does not get disrupted.

Seeing Chi Kook pushes Officer Jung in remembering the kills that made our hearts ache. We get to see how exactly Bong Yi’s grandmother and Father Ko died. These two deaths are the ones that left an impression on us. Seeing Officer Jung committing the murders for real, paints a grim picture in front of us. The current Officer Jung is at odds with his past self. When he goes back to his basement where he had found his last victim’s body, everything looks spotless. This drama is making us feel crazy right along with Officer Jung. Someone has cleaned taken all the evidence away and the dead body.

Mouse K-Drama Episode 15Mouse

Officer Jung confronts Daniel but later starts to wonder if someone else knows his real identity. On the other hand, it looks like Detective Ko picked up the tension between Chi Kook and Officer Jung. This leads him to talk with Chi Kook and re-assess the crime scene. Meanwhile surprisingly the dead body from Officer Jung’s basement is found at some warehouse. It triggers intense emotions of guilt in Detective Ko and Officer Jung. For Detective Ko it’s about the regret of not being able to save the kid and for Officer Jung, it’s about killing the kid.

This makes Officer Jung believe that death is a relief from the emotions he is drowning with. But it looks like there’s a guardian angel or should I say a puppet master who is looking out for Officer Jung making sure that his secret is safe and not letting him die. Daniel blatantly lies about not knowing the fact that Sung Yo Han is not the killer and Officer Jung believes him. Daniel also shares an important factor about the brain transplant. He states that after a certain time passes a post brain surgery patient is likely to die. This means Officer Jung will die so Daniel asks him to atone for his sins by killing predators like him. He also urges for him to live long enough so he could clear Sung Yo Han’s name.

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It’s sad to see how people mistreat Choi Hong Joo and Sung Yo Han’s baby. All because of Sung Yo Han being the killer in the public eyes. We get to finally see how Head Hunter took Choi Hong Joo when she was a kid. Her past makes me think she has more of a reason to believe in her own justice, atonement by trying to get rid of the psychopathic killers through Officer Jung. When Bong Yi gets to know about Choi Hong Joo being in an intimate relationship with Sung Yo Han, she shuns Choi Hong Joo.

Seeing this Officer Jung thinks of the night Sung Yo Han confronted him. We finally get to see what transpired between them that night. Sung Yo Han was only trying to save the victims and thus wanted to kill Officer Jung. Remembering how Sung Yo Han died because of him, he believes that the only way he can help Choi Hong Joo and the baby is by killing himself. By confessing to his crimes and clearing Sung Yo Han’s name.

But a sudden text message from Chi Kook does not let him take this step. When he goes to meet Chi Kook, Chi Kook says that he recognizes him as the killer. He only wants the people to know the truth so Sung Yo Han’s name is cleared. When Officer Jung realizes that he cannot take the easy way out and has to face what he has done, it makes him sick. Detective Ko spots Officer Jung in the hospital and right in the next moment when he goes to check up on Chi Kook, he finds him dead. This makes him frighteningly suspect Officer Jung. And we finally have reached the point where Detective Ko is wary of Officer Jung.

Mouse K-Drama 15

It is a sad affair, we see Detective Ko’s expressing disbelief at the outcomes his mind must be reaching and Officer Jung in pain and in acceptance of all the sins he has committed. But what’s more alarming is someone who wants to hide Officer Jung’s identity killed Chi Kook so the truth does not get out. Even though Daniel and Choi Hong Joo know about him and are using him to get rid of the predators, they still won’t stoop so low to kill an innocent. This means there’s another player in town. Another Psychopath? Well, Mouse K-Drama episode 15 has a knack for surprising us so we will have to eagerly look forward to what it has in store for us.

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Mouse K-Drama Episode 15

It’s been announced that the next episode is a special which will show us how Officer Jung committed the kills as the Seven Sins Killer. It is going to answer a lot of questions we have regarding the killings. Also show us the real Officer Jung to the full extent. So be ready for the frightful experience!

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